Why me?!

I got my train kit last night and I was more excited than ever before. So I’m getting it installed today and the guy calls me back and says, “We cannot find any room under your hood so we are going to have to remove your front and rear bumpers…which is going to be a total of 6 to 8 hours of labor.” $60 an hour. I will be paying more for the install than for the product itself. I would try to do it but now that I have to remove the bumpers, I would have no idea how. I checked the wheel wells too and nothing can fit in there either. Seriously, the ONE thing that I have wanted to do to my car and they have to take it apart to do it. Needless to say, I am not very happy. Also, has anyone had any problems with the 1/4 and 5/16 air lines rupturing? Because I was told that they are very brittle and, since I live up in Seattle where it gets cold during the winter, they have a tendency to fail.

would be nice to know your make of vehicle.as far as 6-8 hrs to pull bumpers wow are they trying to smoke you.there’s probably a cheaper solution to your install probs. great minds can do great things collectively! just ask!:cool:

wasn’t it the focus? why not print out the pictures of the focus on the hornblasters website and show them thats how u want them mounted?

i did show them. they changed the design of the car this year. there is no room anywhere.

Damm bro thats no good. Hopefully i dont run into this same problem with my Escort. Do you know how much room you had between the front bumper and the radiator? I have a good 8 inches there just wondering what you got goin on.

should not take 6-8 hours for the install job…those guys just suck probably…
and the air line u have is fine… for winter time, just run a small cap full of antifreeze in ur tank which will make sure ur lines do not freeze…

So if I’m to do this myself, I will have to remove the bumpers. I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions other than read the car manual, because that was no help lol.

trial and error…lol

6-8 hours is definitely quite a bit ridiculous. As far as taking the front bumper off its should just be a few small bolts and some clips. I had to do it before on an RSX and a Civic and it wasn’t a big deal. If your model has the spots for fog lights and you didn’t go with the option then you have a great place to put the horns.

As far as the lines being brittle, the 1/4" tubing is factory rated for -40F (-40C) and the 5/16" for -4F (-20C). Of course there should be a little extra safe margin in there too. You should be perfectly fine…

The antifreeze trick should work too for any problems with water expansion in the lines. If possible its recommended you try to keep the tank as low as possible in your system that way condensation can drain back into it when possible.

Well Tiernan pretty much hit it on the head.

pop the hood and grab a wrench and go to town on the bumper mounts, should take no more than 10min to get it off.

but did i get enough 1/4 inch with the kit to put the compressor in the trunk?

Comes with 20’ bro and we have similar cars, but I think I might order a few extra feet to be on the safe side you probally should to.

You should have at least 30’ with 1/4in and 5/16in combined. If for some reason you don’t have enough to make it work please let us know.
There have been no complaints so far for vehicles but you never know. (boats tend to need quite a bit more)
Comments are appreciated…