Will the horns fit???

i got an 01 integra LS that dropped fairly low, what i wanna know is somewhere to mount horns so they are all in front facing forward or down…What do i do??? Also i’m wanting to get the shocker S4 kit with 200 psi so they’re plenty loud…just so you have an idea

take off ur front bumper and try to mount them all in that area around ur radiator support…

just dont run into any trailer hitches lol

allright thanks alot scared… looks like i have room on passenger side engine bay i might have to put at an angle of some sort…either way they’re proly still gonna be louder than poop at 200 psi and 1/2 inch line… btw, what are the dimensions of the horns? basically how long is the big horn?..

Length: 12.75”, 14.75”, 16.25”, 19.5”
Flare: 5”

thanx acro…gonna be tough tryin to fit almost 20 inches of horn in my engine bay

zip ties are your friend… lol