Wire for Power... what size?

I will need to mount the pump near the rear of my ride. Due to the distance from the power supply what gauge wire should i be using. I measured out that i will need 14’ to route from power supply to where pump is located. I was told that due to the amt of power this thing needed and the distance it will be from the power supply, i would need a heafty power supply wire to overcome the resistance of a smaller gauge wire. Would 8 AWG work or do i need to go to 4 AWG?


no dont go 4AWG, I used about the same size as what they gave you idk what size it is… it may be, 8 but mine is in the trunk and works just fine.

sounds good. I didnt get any power wire with my kit… no biggie though

http://www.offroaders.com/tech/12-volt-wiring-gauge-chart.htm use the chart man take the amps that your compresser will pull and go across to the distance and you get your wire size

Go with 8AWG. And use a huge (stereo/amp) fuse and holder.

yea make sure you have a fuse somewhere between the battery and the compressor.

Fuse is alway better to be as close to the battery as you can get it.

x2 plus easy access to the fuse