wireing diagram

can anybody tell me hoe to wire my setup. i’m going to run 2 toggle switches. one to turn pressure switch on and off and one to actuate electronic valve to honk. I have a 165-200 pressure switch aslo i have a 40 amp relay. I have looked for diagrams but have not found any for how i’m wanting to do this.



and this other one is from AIR HORNS OF TEXAS…



Thanks man the one from hornblasters doe’s not use a relay and it also hooks into a ignition wire. i’m wanting to run it all off of toggle switches and not mess with factory wireing.

yes it uses a relay… it uses the pressure switch with a built in relay the “ignition” wire is a switched power wire you are going to have to do that if u want to or not if you dont want the compressor coming on while your car is off

on the air horns of texas heavy duty wiring diagram where would i put in a toggle swtch to kill the power to the pressure switch wich would shut thew compressor off correct? also on the relay 85 and 86 are on the side but for 87 and 30 which one is witch. the top prong is horizontal and the bottom prong is virtical. I 'm new to electrical so i’m just wanting to fully understand before i wire it up. Also all my stuff is in the back of the truck so i would like to only run 1 power wire off the battery with a fuse inline so on the diagram it says run power to the horn button to the solenoid. seperate from the main power wire but i would like to run only 1 pwr wire.

Just use whichever wire you are running from your battery or power source and put a toggle between there…

A toggle switch that disconnects the solenoid is just as good as the ignition.

What happens if your system is low on pressure and it’s controlled by the ignition? Doesn’t the compressor start running and drawing current away from the starter?

Got it wired up and it works great love it. Thanks for all the help guy’s

Fo sho…

Thats what we are here for …

and what did you learn? try to explain it better. I know what you were thinking.