Wireless Pressure gauge

Hi folks
I have a 5 gallon tank in the back of my truck and neglected to run the hose to my cab, it’s a brand new truck, and I just couldn’t get myself to drill holes. I may have to do it if I cannot find some assistance. Do they make anything to go onto the tank to monitor the pressure and Bluetooth it to the front of the truck for my phone? Kind of like they do on the tires where I can monitor the air pressure from my phone with the little caps that are on the tires. Is there something similar to put on this 5 gallon tank? Thank everyone in advance.

I’m not aware of any wireless solutions to this, although I will research more and get back to you. What make, model truck do you have? There’s a way to route any wiring or tubing needed without having to drill anywhere. The manufacturers have done really well over the last 15 years with making sure there’s factory openings with plugs to enter the cab and firewall areas.