wiring for 07 dodge ram

Hey guys i need help bad, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 07 dodges? I have the 540 shocker and have everything set up but the wiring, I dont what wires are what under this dash… I have looked everywhere! Any help would be great, im tryin to blast these horns by the end of the day!

what wires are you trying to figure out… i’ve got a 06 hit me up on aim screen name version363 or yahoo messenger version3663 i might can help ya out

Im trying to figure out wich wires to splice into for the the ignition and horn, there’s a ton of wires and i dont know where to start? I dont have aim or yahoo…poop…

actually click the chatroom button at the top of the pave on the left i’m in there

Dude that chat room aint working for me, you have a phone # i can call you on…

thanks for the help bro i figured it out,

glad i could help ya man