Wiring for Shocker 2XL MC

Hello, I’m installing my Shocker 2XL MC train horn kit and I have a question about using the toggle switch and the push button switch for operation. So with the main power coming through the 4 pin relay at pin 30. Instead of doing a wire from pin 86 to a key power source for the compressor to turn on and off with the vehicle. I’d prefer to just put the toggle switch, the question is do I need to go from a power source>switch>pin86. Or do I not need a power source to start with on that? And I wanted to do my push button from my solenoid air valve>push button>battery. Is this a functional way of doing this?

Good question!

I would do the following:

Power Source > Toggle Switch > Pin 86

When +12v power reaches pin 86, it flows to the ground on 85 and turns the relay ‘ON’.
This will work so long as you remember to turn the toggle switch off when you get out of the vehicle. If you forget to turn it off and you have a small air leak, the tank will refill with the vehicle off and drain your battery.

You can pull power from a key-power source into the toggle that way you don’t have to worry about this. The compressor would still shut off at full pressure, you can use the toggle as a kill switch to prevent it from running.

As for the solenoid valve:

Power Source > Push Button > Solenoid Valve

This will work just fine. When you press the button, the valve will open and the horns will honk.

I’ve done this and my compressor still isn’t turning on, I have about 20 feet of wire going from battery to the relay and I’m just not having any luck what so ever. I have power when the pin 86 isn’t connected to power but when I connect it to power it kills power coming to pin 30

Let’s double-check that everything is done correctly.

Pin 85: Ground
Pin 86: Power from your toggle switch
Pin 87: Battery positive (or compressor red wire)
Pin 30: Compressor red wire (or battery positive)

Does the relay click when you supply power to pin 86?

If not, double-check the ground point for the relay. If the ground for the relay isn’t good, it won’t flip to the ‘ON’ position.