Wiring Help

I’m sure it’s me, but don’t see it. I am using this schematic http://static.hornblasters.org/diagr...dual_packs.pdf for my 480c’s. Only thing I am doing different is putting each compressor on its own 40am fuse. Compressors work when they are hard wired, but don’t work when running on the relays. Any ideas?

The link is wrong.

Here is the correct wiring diagram link for the dual 480 compressors.

The wiring was implemented wrong.

This image shows the Bosch relay.

The air compressor needs to connect to contact 87, not clearly shown in the Hornblaster diagram.

I don’t see a diagram in your link. It looks like an unregistered site.

But anyway, the link that Wingless posted is a good one.

If that doesn’t help, post some pics and describe which wires go where. The more details the better.