Wiring help.

I am trying to wire my outlaw 3000 airhorn system into my 2000 silverado. I am having some trouble finding an accessory wire to hook the air compressor up to. I don’t want the air compressor running while my truck is off and draining the battery. Any ideas how to wire this? I have no idea where to find a accesory wire. It says it requires 20 amps which also might be a problem.

Hit the fuse box, I have a jumper on mine

have a 20amp fuse hooked to a switch then hooked to ur compressor

I think the easiest way to accomplish what you’re tyring to do is by doing a little research on your fuse blocks. The fuse block inside the cab is probaby the easiest. You need to find an “accessory” that is only powered when engine is running. The accessory I used on my install was the rear windshield wiper. I spiced a wire into the wires going/coming from the fuse for that accessory. I ran that new wire to a relay. I then ran a wire directly from the battery to that relay. Using a realy is the easiest way to make a large current carrying switch. So, when the car is on, there is power to the relay. This will switch the switch inside the relay and allow high current to pass from the batter along to the compressor. You will still need to fuse the power wire coming directly from the battery(the fuse should be rated just higher than the rating on the compressor. The relay also needs to be rated higher than the rating on the compessor.).

I hope this helps, and I’ve got plenty more details I can provide if you want them. I can also provide a wiring scehmatic if you want.