Wiring newbie with some questions

Hey guys,

Just got the Conductor 228VX and I am really excited to get this thing blasting in my 2003 Chevy Blazer

I am very new to the vehicle wiring hence why I bought the easiest to install horn (according to hb)

I’ve been reading the forums quite a bit to get a grasp on the electrical portion of the install and I wanted to get some clarification on some things before I attempt this.

Firstly the diagram shows me this:

[Air Compressor]-------[Inline Fuse]------[12 Volt DC Ignition Source]

Couple questions:

What is the inline fuse? Did it come with the kit or would that already be in your vehicle?

Where would I add a toggle switch to cut the power to the compressor incase I dont want it running and what would I need to get for that?

Thanks again

Welcome to the forums.

Here is the Conductors diagram:

It says it comes with the inline fuse…

If you want to add the toggle switch for a master cutoff, put it on the trigger wire between your ignition source and the pressure switch.

Welcome to the forum. Listen to ear2ear, he hasn’t lead anyone astray yet.

Thanks guys

I got a problem after installation - I got it all to work , compressor comes on switch to it works.

Solenoid button worked the first time - the solenoid made a noise but now it wont work at all.

Tried removing the push button out of the equasion, replaced the fuse, but it still wont fire off

Any ideas ?

THanks for the diagram.

I decided to plunge into it and go the easy wiring route using a momentary push button instead of wiring right into the horn, which worked out quite well.

Thanks for the diagram and the tips :slight_smile: Even though I only had enough airline for 2 of the 4 trumpets, its pretty damn loud. Had a good night of giving some people a wake up.

I’ll defineatly be posting some install pics soon