Wiring Question

Ok I was reading the Jr. Conductors Special manual, and I noticed that on the Tank/Air horn diagram it says that you have to hook up the Air Source Load wire up to a 12 Volt DC power source. Although on the diagram it says you have to use your ignition wires, and I really dont wanna have to get into my steering collum and screw around with all them wires. Couldnt I just wire the power to my compresser up to my battery, and just have an On/Off trigger instead, so all Ill have to do is make sure the trigger is off when i turn my car off?

yea you sure can do that…

The Shocker S4 set comes with one of them On/Off switches that I can hook up to the battery right?

yea u can do that…theres no one way to do everything…

Oh I know bro I just wanted to be sure this thing came with the On/Off pressure switch and a horn button, because i wanna keep my stock horn too lol. And thanks man

Np bro!.. yea i dont have my horn wired to my stock horn… its just wired to a seperate push button…

So the Shocker kit comes with a seperate push push button right.

im not sure if it does…i dont own the shocker kit… but if it doesnt, a push button is like a dollar at radio shack

So if i bought a push button from radio shack you think some 10 gauge wire would do the job? I have about 15ft of it laying around some where.

10 gauge is more then enough… its just a push button…dont need alot of current runnin thru it…make sure u get a push push tho…lol i had a push on push off at first… it sucked when it got stuck on the ON direction…lol

Yeah a button that sticks is no good when you sound like a train lmao.

haha tell me bout it… i had to swap it out…im good now… aight im off to bed…lata…if u have any more questions direct them to my secretary…aka my Inbox…lol

Alright man same here thanks alot :slight_smile: