Wiring ?

Hey guys,

A few questions regarding wiring my new Shocker kit (Conductor’s Special 540). It’s probably a common and basic scenario but I am very new to this and want to get it right the first time. Please bear with me :confused:

  1. I want to install a toggle switch that will allow me to turn my compressor on and off at will. I only want the compressor to come on when the truck is running. I will probably leave it on most of the time and let the pressure switch do it’s job but I want some way to control it manually if need be.

  2. I also want to install a momentary horn button because I do not want my train horns linked to the factory horn at all. I’m guessing the button would be wired directly to the electric solenoid valve? I bought a button–I hope it will suit my purposes??: GC brand Part # 35-3427 Off-(On) AC pushbutton, Rating 15A 125V, 10A 250V AC. Here is a link to what I got:

I started to second guess myself after I bought it when I saw the AC in the rating. Do I need one that says DC? I have a feeling I may be going back to the electronics store??

If I can get it set up like this I would be happy but if possible I would also like to have that toggle switch act as sort of a safety for the horn button–i.e. the horn button will not work unless the toggle switch is on. Would I be able to have the one toggle serve two purposes or would I need an extra toggle. (Or am I being too picky with my setup??) I would appreciate any advice/direction as to how to accomplish this. Thanks

for 1) do you have the pressure switch as a relay that hornblasters sells? that would have 2 sources of power, 1 to the battery, and the second to a 12 volt ignition source. the compressor wouldn’t run unless your truck is running. But put a toggle switch after the batter and before the relay. and that will allow you to turn it on and off at will.

as for push buttons, you can get them cheaper at lowes, and any place like that. I bought mine at Ace hardware for around 4 bucks. and i didnt have to wait for shipping.

That momentary push button is heavy duty & just fine - especially since you already bought it.

That’s correct for the solenoid. Positive battery source goes through your toggle & button then to the solenoid. You can do what you’re asking with a couple of options:

  1. Compressor AND horn work only with toggle-on AND key-on.
    Use a SPST toggle. Run a wire from a key-on source to one terminal on the switch.
    Run two wires from the other terminal. One to the pressure switch & one to the horn button.

  2. Compressor only works with toggle-on and key-on. Horn works with toggle-on whether key is on or not.
    Use a DPST toggle. One half of the toggle will power the pressure switch from a key-on source. The other half of the toggle will power the horn button using a constant positive source.

Either option acts as a master cut off for everything, but the DPST lets you honk with the key off.


Those were exactly the answers I was looking for. Thanks for your help. Going on vacation tomorrow and hope to get started with the install next weekend. I will post pics of my progress.



I had the guys help me wire in my setup. Compressor is powered by a key on source and when the key is on I have a toggle switch to either turn the compressor on or off. I’m also using a push button for the horn. This should help you a lot…

This one shows how my relay is wired.

Little more simplified…plus wiring of the horn button.

Also, I could not find a single ‘key-on’ source on my '08 in the under or inside fuse boxes. Finally found one in the small box located by the parking brake pedal under the dash. Also found a constant hot source for the horn button. Four wires were ran down the driver door sill, out the cab pressure vent on the back of the cab and then into my box. One was the compressor power wire, two were for the pressure switch, and fourth for the horn button.

Thanks Barber. I just finished my install yesterday. I will post pics on the install thread.

I have a question regarding the solenoid valve mounted on the horns as the one on my horns do not have a distinction between positive and negative just two black wires and when i bought the horns off ebay they came with no instructions. is it + and - or both positives? I can add a pic later for reference if it helps.



ground one and run the other to your switch, doesn’t matter which I believe.

^ Bryan is correct. It doesnt matter which you pick, one just has to go to the + and the other has to be grounded

What size are those two fuses ? Thanks