How BONKERS is this, after Speaking to Matt who owns and drives this ROAD LEGAL Rolls Royce, he has agreed to let me Hook up a set of Horns on it and then he is going to do run the car down the strip with the Horns blasting - making it the worlds first 1/4 mile & fastest Hornblast!!!:smiley:

Matt is currently rebuilding the Engine on the Rolls Royce and is hoping to run mid 6’s down the strip. His current best is 7.75 @175mph! I think he quoted me figures of 0-60 in 2secs!!!

I met Matt after he contacted me about buying a compressor & a few bits for the car, it uses a pressurized air shifter system on the gearbox. So after a long telephone conversation with the owner of the car and a few Emails to Rigo at HornBlasters, a little sponsorship deal was done and Rigo kindly offered to do a blinding deal on a compressor, Tank & pressure switch which I then passed onto Matt as I had tthese items in stock.
In Return Matt has said he will put some Stickers on the car and add a link on his website, which is a fair deal.
Matt also owns a Armoured tank personel carrier, another Rolls Royce & various other mad cars.

I showed him my Horns and he talked about them being fitted on the Tank & his other Rolls Royce. He also has invited me, the Mrs & my car to his birthday BBQ in a couple of weeks time:D:D:D

COOL! I ran my truck down a 1/8 mile with my horn going. So what if I ran it in 12.56 seconds, it gave me more time to blast the spectators! LOL!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the install. That is one fast car and he is going for faster?! That’s nuts.

Yeah its totally Bonkers mate. I will post Sh*it loads pf pictures of the car & the install when I get to see it and do the installation.:D.

How big of a tank? That is amazing that he would put horns on a car that fast. At least the Shockers are light since weight is VERY important to a car that fast.

Mate he has a two gallon tank on the car at the moment & a 444c Viair compressor for the Air Shifter system., but I will be putting a seperate 5 Gallon tank on the car. This should be easily enough air for a 6-7 second run.
I must add at this point, the Horns will be taken off after the run due to the weight implications. He does have another Rolls royce which he is having lowered and pimped out and has asked me to fit some on that Roller, so I will just take the Horns off the drag car and fit them straight onto his other car.:smiley:

Ahhhh that makes sense. I’m (only) building a 9 second car and every item is scrutenized for weight.

Only??? 9 sec’s is still very very respectable!:D:D:D

I want to see & hear how well the horns will be heard over the engine.

Mate I am seriously thinking about borrowing my old set of K3’s I sold to a mate of mine… Dunno, will possibly do a run with shockers & a run with K3’s:D

I cant blooming well flipping well wait!!!:smiley:

Just a quick update, I have spoken with Matt (the guy who owns the car) & the new engine is now in the car & they are waiting to get it on the rolling road to tune it.

Watch this space.:smiley: