worth adding 2nd K3?

Hey guys…I’m really on the fence here. I put in my K3 a couple weeks ago, k3L with 1,2,3 bells on 200psi, 1/2" ID line, and a 5g tank. And it’s the loudest thing in the area, but I want EVEN louder:p

I’m strongly considering adding another K3 to the setup…having 2 sets of K3L’s, as I DON’T want the higher pitch of a K5/K3LA. How much louder would a 2nd set be?

Also contemplating picking up a K5 manifold, and using 2 K1 bells, 2 K2’s and 1 K3 and running air into all 3 manifold ports.

Or adding 2 sets of conductors…but I’d rather not…not loud enough!

What’s the loudest option…? :smiley:

holy crap guys, not 1 reply.:confused:

Any second set of Nathans will sound louder. But you might want to consider at least 10gals. of air. I’ve got K3’s and K5’s installed and when chimed together…HOLY SHAT! :smiley: Check the pix on my page.

Yeah I have another 5gal sitting in the garage if I do:D

So it is IS a large difference?

The ground will shake!

if you have the money why not any second set of horns is better than one

do it… the more horns the better…i want to get box truck… and cut out holes all in the truck and just have the horns facing outward… i want the whole truck filled with horns compressors tanks and just be the loudest thing in the world…lol

That’s pretty convincing:cool:

Idk about a box truck…haha but just seeing how much diff another set makes. I think I have a good deal on another set so I’m just waiting and I’ll go for it if it comes. Hell, go big…no, go HUGE or go home.

If you have the room to install the puppies ‘just do it’! It’s actually pretty insane; being louder than a train.:eek:

my conductors special makes the ground shake:cool:

got any pics yet?

who, me?

well i think u gotta buy it first…lol

no vette