Would this get attention from the cops?

I wonder what the legalities are on me having my clear led lights placed above my plate, even if they are like in the first picture, totally off and clear. The lights are red, they strobe and flash back and forth, but most laws say you cant have red on the front, nothing about the back… They are only used at cars shows or the house, what im worried about it attention from the cops when they are off and clear. What you guys think, should I keep them there?

I have huge strobes behind my grill and have never had any troubles.

yea i remember seeing pics of yours, I have been reading around and everywhere says they are fine if off and I can use them on the rear as they are red.

heck it could be your 3rd brake light & use it everywhere every day

If they only strobe when you hit the brakes you should fine. If I am driving behind you at night and those things are flashing while not braking, I would probably shoot you with my rocket launcher James Bond style. Plus the prob illegal in that setup.

Very true - only while braking.
My main point was that they would be mounted in plain sight all the time and ‘if’ it was a 3rd brake light they wouldn’t bother you.

You say they won’t be on while driving, but if the question ever came up with an officer, you couldn’t always explain yourself as a safety conscious individual…you’re in the process of hooking up another brake light…lol

looks like a 3rd brake light to me
i think it looks

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i know wallmart sells LED plate covers that look like

Most laws say you can have strobes, but you can’t use them while driving… IE: Only use them for car shows, etc.

Briz, trick it out some more and make them flip down. So when you hit the switch they pop down… Think of the possibilities with tailgaters lol

did someone say… license plate flipper!!!