Would u jump?

are we missing something here?

Yeah I’m wondering that too…

Fail. No picture.

where is the picccccc

it worked for me!
lol nice

Pic’s there now lol and yes I would jump.

Haha . Nah, I’d just push her.

lmfao. honestly, I’d be ashamed, but would push her off and no witnesses and let it never be spoken of again :slight_smile:

na, i agree to pushing her, after all, she was gonna jump anyway, your just helping her like she helped you.

i was gonna say wtf i put the pic there my self

u messed up the url… i fixed it

whatttt how did i dooo that lol

how did you fix someone elses post?

hes a mod he can do that

hmm. never been to a forum that had unmarked mods… sweet.

this fourm is small lol thats why and u can kinda tell by the thing under their name

horn whore? not a very good hint…

they choose what they put

you had http://http:// in the url lol