Wow......check out these haters/hypocrites! Link to hating on horns...

I purposely broke the link, just copy it and take out the spaces…

http:// ls1tech. com/forums/racers-lounge/1546345-train-horns-cars-stupid-not. html

For what its worth, I am 97 HMS SS on there. Half of these people say its “stupid” but they still laugh at the videos online. Wow…:rolleyes:

They are just mad we scared them once in their life.

I have to agree with the initial post that honking at a railroad cossing is dangerous. The other negative people are just envious…lol

Yeah, I would never ever honk at a RR X-ing - that is just not right…

…wait fo it…

…but it sure is funny though! See what I did there?

I do have rules for myself when honking… No little kids… And no senior citizens . Only exception to the no seniors rule is if they are driving and are about to merge into my lane and hit me , or pull out into me , etc…

And the only other exception is if you are standing on the side of the road holding a sign saying HONK FOR _____________ , Good chance whatever fundraiser you have going , I’m honking . lol. I have brought so much joy to people doing fundraisers.

My latest one was a bunch of highschool freshmen girls standing out in front of a mattress store holding up signs for some fundraiser about mattresses for cheerleading… And 2 of the girls turned the signs around and wrote HONK. So I honked as i was stopped at the light a lane over from them. They are screamed, cheered , and one told me for scaring them i needed to buy a mattress, hahaha. I laughed honked again and drove away.

The only time I have train horned kids was when they play on the railroad tracks. They were about 200 yards from the crossing when my wife saw them, and I think one pissed himself getting off the tracks. The other two should be in the Olympics for sprinting.

Small kids (exception above), the elderly, and neighborhoods are off limits. Cars and trucks trying to “merge” into me on the highway … they get the full monty.


Problem is that there is always collateral honking damage unless we’re out in the boonies. No matter who you’re giving to -whether they deserve it or literally asked for it- there are other people within range that don’t deserve it.

I agree with the rules mentioned above and I also avoid pets.

I was going to add the same thing. I don’t horn any of my own personal ‘soft spots’…being the elderly, young kids, and pets (mainly dogs, since they have sensitive hearing).

You people are immature for having fun with your life… :smiley: most people love my horns and ask me where i bought them haha

After the shock of being blasted they get a laugh, then ask me all about it.



I dont honk at old people, or people walking animals, cows are funny imo haha

I dont do RR X’s especially when people are around unless a train is already going through. I have fun with the horns just not bad fun :stuck_out_tongue:

True story:

I was at Virginia International Raceway, just outside of Danville, VA…photographing a race with a friend. At the time, I had my setup under my Tundra. They called a lunch break at the race…so we loaded up in my truck and headed up Highway 62 to get some food in the city. We cross the Dan River, and there is a HUGE black cow in the roadway, just sorta loitering around. Mind you this is a 55mph zone, and he’s in a bad spot…plus its cloudy out, so he’s hard to see. I pull up next to him…and he just looks at me like “wtf are you going to do?”. :smiley:

After about 10 seconds of him not listening to my verbal commands…I let the Nathans tell him what to do. He VERY quickly got off the road, ran down the hill…and SCALED the barbed wire fence back into his field.

My trainhorns could have saved a life that day…not just of a cow. :slight_smile:

I used mine for deer, Very effective! Now they are on my bicycle,when I honked them everyone used to look around at the big truck or the semi, now since alot of people know me around here I get a bunch of request’s to honk, I do, specially when I was testing out my new compressor. Now I need to find some new honking scare grounds, lol.

Thats the best part about my setup…last thing you’d expect on a Trailblazer SS. :smiley: