WOW!!! Just wow!!!

it takes 220volts to run it. i would have to take a generator with me, lol


gotta love BIGMIKE!

that very ship the kalenburg came off of was involved with my ship uss saratoga cv60 in a collison at sea in 1975-76 during training for cruise while refueling the missenawa went dead in the water while hooked up to us transfering jet fuel.smashed the stbd side of the sara 3 times before ships company could finally do emergency break away ( cut the hoses), filled the hanger 2 area in jet fuel @ 130 miles at sea. holly shizit all hell broke loose when that happened. commander dunn actually got promoted to capt over that incident. :eek::eek:

Not to mention a forklift!

That might just fit on my accord? idk does anyone here know if it will fit on a 98 accord? HAHA

I don’t what horn the Anaheim Ducks hockey team uses when they score a goal but that sounds like it, or it’s really close.

Ok - so where do I get one?? I have our race transporter and a full fledged generator that can power a city on it.

Welcome Inferno Joe. My God, how big is that generator…hahaha?

Oh yea! Link below should show you!

Or I would have interest in finding a horn they use in a hockey rink. We tried to find a tugboat one years ago but had no luck.

thats bad oven…i would mount it on my house

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hahaha true! sounds just like it. prob not as high psi tho lol… i think they should go max volume on future goals

It’s already quite loud when your inside the Honda Center or “Anaheim Pond” as we still call it. Any louder could border on the pain level…hahaha

This I want. :smiley: even if it’s just a single note horn, I like the way it sounds

Leave it up to Bigmike to have a horn like that. It’s a good thing he has 4 Oasis compressors to fill the 120 gallon tank when he gets it.