WTB Old road bike frame...

Title says it all, I want an old road bike frame/fork, preferably a large, without the wheels, crank, handlebars, breaks, etc… Just the frame and fork really… Its going to be for a project and learning experience… lol

I want to use the rear and fork wheel mounts, as well as the lower portion that holds the crank to the frame and make a 1 off, carbon fiber fix gear track bike… lol, im talking carbon frame, seat, seat post, forks, handlebars, crank arms… you name it lol :smiley:

If i do end up finding one, ill post my build on here… that is, if its worthy lol


Edit: also looking for a roof mounted rack for a bike and or snowboard…


Wow! Good luck Twist! I’m in the middle of building a new road bike also.

yea it should be a fun project… if it goes well, ill probably try to make a triathlon bike


No need anymore, Found a bike… Its going down lol

Nice post up some pics of your progress!