Wtf happened?!

I had over 500 posts the other day and now I have 495 or something, where’d they go?

everyday you dont get on it takes one post away

really??? thats crazy… what if you log on everyday but dont post everyday? does it still take one away?

poop i am screwd then.

I’ve never heard of that? I log on every day…

I dont think that is true…


It’s not true, he was making a joke. :rolleyes:

It probably means a thread you had posted in 5-8 times was deleted. When a thread you post in is removed, it obviously deletes those posts as well.

im tired of the “moderators” deleting poop. yea sometimes things get off track and we argue over stupid poop but isnt that partly what a forum is about. is everyone supposed to agree? I think the folks in charge dont realize that most of us are 18-25 and we wont all agree all the time which is fine. this is a train horn forum that promotes scaring the sh!t out of folks. i mean the business(hornblasters) that runs the forum made itself popular by “terrror on the streets” and they want do delete posts that stray from the topic. fuc! that bulsh!t. I get a post deleted everyday almost but in a sense its funny that some goofball is taking his moderator status TOO F_ING SERIOUSLY. just goes to show when you give someone a title they start to act like a fag



ah hahahaaha tell us how you really feel… dont hold anything back