WVU Mountaineers Football Players

Forum member Bixby1980 sent me this video that he captured on his Blackberry last evening at the 13th annual Boys and Girls Club Steak and Burger Dinner. The Club invites several West Virginia University Football players for autographs and fund raising. Bixby waited till the players were coming out of the building and gave them a courtesy “going away” honk from his HB4H…lol…

Sorry for the small screenshot, but it was taken on his BlackBerry


yeah, it needs to be longer with more scares.

crummy quality i cant see anything


I forgot my camera for the dinner. All I had was my blackberry so I figured Id try to record it. It was a classic the player who i havent figured out which one it was yet jumped about 2 ft in the air. You can see it on our bb but it distorts it when we post it on here.

its cool for a phone

what kind of blackberry im guessin the pearl?

Curve 8310 from ATT

its the curve… idk why quality is that bad… i have one and its pretty good on quality

It is what it is…

Let’s Go Mountaineers!