XD3000 service interval: What needs to be done?

Well I got the K3LA on my truck but decided to go bigger, so next summer that horn, the 5 gallon tank, and OB2 will go on my wife’s truck and I’ll be looking at the 12 gallon tank and the XD3000 for my K5LA.

What exactly needs to be done for the 50 hour service intervals?


Could be the oil change and checking the carbon brushes. Those are the only ones replaceable for maintenance that I could see. I have mine for over a year now and not a single problem with it. When I had the 400c’s I always brought a voltage indicator coz the relays/solenoid main contacts always fuse together, this keeps the compressor running until the fuse is removed. I added a fan on my XD3000 which keeps it cool.

It has to do with the oil discharge rate which is 1 ounce every 50 hours of run time. The optimal oil level in the crankcase is 10 ounces and the minimum is 8 ounces but it’s best to check it every 50 hours anyway. Actually 6 ounces is when the bearings get starved of oil. The oil rings on some of our compressors have seated so well the customer is seeing even longer maintenance cycles.

If the compressor starts chirping like a bird, that’s a good indication it needs oil.

The motor brushes are massive and should last for many years before needing to be replaced. Besides, they’re are easy to replace.

Thanks Dan … looks like this spring I’ll be buying one from HB. I had a lot of fun with it while I was home, and my wife and sons have having a blast with it as well.


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I am also looking into the oasis but one of my big concerns is noise, I like the output of the oasis far and above anything else but what kinda noise does it produce? I know stupid question but I like the sound of my truck far too much to have it over shadowed by the compressor which is kinda the way it is now with my 400c installed on there.

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i to might be picking one up in spring lol those fill times are making me drool!!

We haven’t measured our compressor noise with a db meter but estimate it to be 50 to 60 db. You can stand next to it and still carry on a conversation without yelling. Using a good sound dampening material under the compressor really helps.

We had a magazine do a compressor comparison envolving fill rates and ours wasn’t any louder than than the others, at least not by much.


Thanks for the follow up. The other question I have is this: Can another oil besides Mobil 1 be used? I’m using Valvoline Blue for my diesels and was wondering if I could use it as well.


Mobil 1 was ok for the old models that didn’t have oil control. Now we recommend a full synthetic compressor ester oil, either SAE 30 weight or ISO 100 which is the same. These are good for temeratures to -40 degrees.

We sell our brand for $9.95 a pint (16 ounces) and the optimal level for our compressor is 10 ounces. Comparable brands are Amsoil DCK or PCK and Royal Purple Synfilm Recip. Both use the ISO 100 designation. Some customers have used Ingersol-Rand’s synthetic compressor oil.

I looked up Valvoline Blue and it appears to be mixture of petroleum and synthetic. You can always try it but keep an eye on the compressor until you’re sure it’s ok. It might discharge a little faster than our oil as we found that with some oils we tested.

Perfect, thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Dan, when I filled my Oasis comp I did not measure how many ounces I put in but I just filled it halfway on the sight glass is that okay? This compressor really kicks a$$, I never had a problem since I bought it. The noise is not loud at all, it is mounted on the truck bed and I can’t hear it running inside the truck with the windows closed until I moved the air intake filter inside the truck. Now I can hear the hiss sound which is good for me so I know when the comp is running.

When the oil level is near the top, it has about 10 ounces which is optimal. When it’s near the bottom, it has about 8 ounces which isn’t exactly the minimum but that’s when oil should be added. When the oil level gets below 7 ounces there’s the danger of damaging the crankshaft and rod bearings. You probably have about 9 ounces in it.

If you ever hear the pump sound like a chirping bird, that’s usually due to a lack of lubrication and some damage has occurred. Even if the pump seizes there’s a chance you can get it to work again. You have to unmount the compressor, put oil in the pump at least to the bottom of the sight glass, and turn the coupler that’s connected to pump with channel lock plyers. If it will turn the full 360 degrees it might work again. Finish filling the pump to the top of the sight glass, hold the compressor or bolt it down to something and apply power. It will be noisier, may deliver a little less CFM, and discharge oil a little faster but it should still pressurize to 200 PSI.

hey dan! you guys ever have giveaways or contest for a compressor? lol

Sorry, we’re too small to afford giveaways. If you know of a great place where a bunch of people gather, like a fair or trade show, you could buy 2 compressors and raffle one of them so you make enough to cover the expense of the other…lol

lmao!! i didnt know u guys were “small”
thought oasis was pretty big…

Try really small. 1 owner, 2 employees (myself included), and 1 part time temp.

I see us getting quite bigger with some very lucrative customer leads. About 3 or 4 that started inquiring last year are evaluating or have already elvaluated our compressor and are wanting hundreds per year with increasing quantities in the following years.

I’m sure that’s still small compared to Viair but it’s really big for us.

u guys hiring? lol

If those customers come through, I’d be willing to bet we’ll hire 1 or 2 assemblers.

It’s a long way from Delaware if you’re willing to move. The cost of living isn’t too bad except for rent or a mortgage. Electricity will be going up thanks to the idiots in this state that passed a proposition for greener energy. Fortunately, the weather here is usually so nice that you don’t need to run a heater or air conditioner 24/7.

if it pays 60k +benefits ill come lol

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