Yoooooooooooo from Utah! Ready to have some Fun

Hey Guys! I just got me a 2012 335is and I am thinking I need a train horn. I had one way back in my g35 and it was a ton of fun but it had a ton of leaking issues. I didnt have a decent budget back then.

What do you guys think I should go for having a smaller car? My budget is going to be around $500-$650ish. Nice to be on the forum!

Car, I am working with:

Nice car, but it looks like space will be at a premium. Go with the Shockers.

Inb4 everyone on the forum recommends the Shockers. If Repeatman can completely conceal a K3HA in his Accord then anyone can.

Keep in mind, Repeatman is a seasoned horn veteran - he’s done some very inventive installs not everyone will be able to pull off :wink:

Hey, I like the Shockers a lot, but there’s many options out there. And I definitely know that, I’ve been looking up to Repeatman for his creativity since 2008.

I think there used to be a video of an old Beemer with a K5 on the HB site somewhere (it was all set up in the trunk I think; but probably some major surgery required on the car).

I have bells #2 and #3 in my Suzuki Swift rear bumper, couldn’t fit the #1 one but it’s plenty loud :smiley: so that’s an option too if the space is there…

dang, Away from the forum for a little and everyone is talking about me :smiley: since the budget is $500.00 the practical would be shockers, then later… Nathans!!! Muhuhahaha!!!

I guess I should mention I have a pretty smart install guy, I just wanted some opinions on what you guys thought. Thanks!

Are you guys mentioning kits or am I buying all these things individual?

Ahh I see the shocker kit, it looks awesome! Does anyone have measurements of the horn by chance?

Specs are here:

Welcome to the forums!!!


I hope to get this installed on Monday when I get back from my cruise!! Hope there won’t be any issues lol