York parts?

Short story, I ran my york while parked on an incline and seized it because i run it on the low end of oil. Never had a problem till then. Bought a new one and want to rebuild this one to have as a spare. Is there somewhere that sells new parts for these damn things or do i have to find a used one and take parts from it?

If none of the internal parts are broken you might be able to free it up. We freed many of the ET210 Yorks in our early model compressors by putting 8 ounces of oil in the crankcase and turning its crankshaft with pliers or channel locks. Then the oil was changed to remove the most of any metal particles.
They would bind a little where they seized, discharged more oil due to scoured cylinder walls, and were noisier when operated. All of them achieved 200 PSI but some had a slightly reduced CFM.

I have 3 Yorks in my possession now. One is on my truck, the other is a new unit that just sitting on my work bench, and the other was a junkyard find that I used at a mockup. Still has all the parts in it such…but the valves are backwards or something so it doesn’t put out air.

I am willing to part with the junkyard unit and the other unit sitting on my bench if you want them.

Thanks for the offer but we don’t need them.

No thanks. By the time i bought the parts off you and paid for shipping i can get one or two from a junkyard around here and part em out.