YOU can go back and CHANGE a few things in your past, so WHAT will you change?

Taking Dan’s cue…

By opening this thread, you have received via the internet, quantum level particles (a/k/a “pixie dust”) that enable you to go back to freshman year of high school and “RE-DO” a few regrets or even the overall direction of your life …

A. Will you go back?

B. What will you do differently?

C. What will you TRY to keep the same? (trying to avoid the law of unintended consequences)

I have a few ideas myself but am short of time right now. I will post later today/tomorrow.

This is a tough one. Some of the things I would change are too embarassing to reveal. I definitely wouldn’t be as shy as I was then.

Overall, I wouldn’t change too much so I probably would not go back.

I would invest in Google! lol
And save my money…

i wouldn’t buy those chrome trains horn from ebay lol

I wouldnt be so shy as well. and invest in apple and google lol

OK. I would go back provided I would not mess up my marriage and 4 children, otherwise here are some things I would change:

  1. Dan brings up a very good one. I was also painfully shy in junior high and through high school, right into college. There was no good reason for any of it, it stems from insecurity. I was tall, a good athlete, above average looks and generally popular. But ego was the furthest thing from me, and to a degree that was a bad thing. When I developed a crush on a girl, I was too terrified to act upon it, what if she didn’t like me back? If I asked her out and she said NO, THE WHOLE SCHOOL WOULD KNOW. How RETARDED is THAT?

  2. What pushed me through all that was bodybuilding. For awhile anyway, the pendulum swung too far in the opposite direction, but not by a lot. I wouldn’t change any of that as my personality and confidence finally developed along with my body, but I would have started in my early teens and never stopped. Still lift regularly btw and am in excellent shape for an old fart my age.

  3. I definitely would have taken both academics and athletics more seriously than I did. Again, I think a lot shortcomings then stemmed from a lack of confidence and not understanding I could be more than I was.

  4. I would have taken authority far less seriously. Maybe because I had such strong parents, sometimes too strong at times. But I had too much respect for authority. Had Bart Simpson been born 20 years earlier I think that would have helped me tremendously, I could have learned a lot from him as a teenager.

  5. I would have taken a different career path. I’ve worked in financial and management capacities within the commercial real estate industry, and during good times it has been very good. But during bad, it has been very bad. For me it has been really crappy the past year and a half and high level management work opportunities in that industry have been damned few and far between. This past summer, among other things, I was out asphalting driveways. Good thing I’ve kept in shape as previously noted.

  6. Google and Apple computer are great calls in hindsight, but I wasn’t thinking about this from the perspective of knowing future events so much as understanding life, and some of the lessons learned the HARD way!

  7. Lastly, since I would have started weight training at an earlier age and been a stronger minded person overall, I would find DuWayne Barker and kicked the living snot out of him for beating me up and terrorizing me back when I was in the 4th grade. That fvcker gave me nightmares for years, and I used his memory (among other things) when I got into bodybuilding.