You know you wanna....

well I went up to Paso Robles today, showed some friends the horns. Decided to drive through down town. Upon Driving in Down town, a couple of people that know I have horns gave a request to honk (Gave me the trucker pull cord motion) well, I was not gonna do it but one of them said “you know you wanna” . The thing is, they did not know I have upgraded to a K5LA. :smiley: Gave them a quick Toot and the next thing I know they both about jumped out of their skin. Also set off about 2 car alarms while doing that as well. :cool: And I pissed some guy off that was also blocking the intersection. Yelled some cuss words at me in spanish. And I got a “Thumbs up” from some lady. :smiley: fun day :cool:

I REALLY had that “you know you wanna” feeling the other day. There was this guy (I bet it was you) standing in my buddy’s glass shop with a blue HornBlaster shirt on. I was in the flatbed chevy truck parked in the first bay. It took all I had to not spill that cup of water in your hand but out of respect for my buddy’s business I held back. Was that you? I gave out a very small toot as I left the parking lot and another decent one when I passed by on the 101 hwy.

Horn On!

That was me. :cool: I was having the Window Tint taken off my Honda accord in the other bay. :stuck_out_tongue: