Young kids and always being hard infront of there little girlfriends.

Last week my mom sent me out to get her a few things fromt he store when it turned into a 2 hour trip with the train horns. Sadly i hadnt seen any good chances until my buddy ridding shot gun was like hey look at them kids walking threw the alley so i wipped around and went threw the alley way behind the kids. 2 of the kids where like o sorry and moved out of they way and they went honkless then there was about 6 idiots infront of me trying to be tough 14 year olds not moving and i know for a fact they heard my truck. i have flow masters. i got about a foot behind them and drained my tank right there. the 2 girls screamed and booked the other girl jumped and almost cried and all there tough little boyfriends jumped and ran like a bunch of girls. Made my day.

Thats awesome man. I love scaring “thugs”

bahaha ive done this TOO many times!

hahahahahahaha thats funny hahahahaah…

i mean idc who you are thats funny. and then to top it like idk how strong it makes you look in front of your middle school lover. Like really the kids think that there are super heros that will like stop my truck. bunch of D*** fools!

Seriously… If I had a son and saw him acting like that in public, I’d hand him his *** right in front of his friends… No horn needed.

if i had a son doing that stupid **** i would hire him a role model



best people to scare! :slight_smile:

bwahahahaha scares like that are always great