Your D-bag name generator (Funny)

[b]This thing is hilarious. You don’t have to register or any annoying stuff like that. Just one page of like ten questions. Try it out :smiley:

  1. go to website

  2. answer questions

  3. get your d-bag name

  4. post results

5.??? profit[/b]


wtf… i don’t get it

What don’t you get?

poor joke… poor website

my name is jacqui
my dbag name is Jacqui as well…

yep same with me that’s what i don’t get lol

I guess it’s trying to say we’re all douchebags

That we all have ********* names…I though it was hilarious. I almost teared up…

Oh well, you can’t please all of the people all of the time…:o

The prison b!tch one is much better. I’d post the link but I’m at work, so just Google it and you’ll find it.


Patrick Twist is my ********* name… awesomeness

OMG…thats so cool… hey I dont get it either… I took the test 3 times and each time it said the same thing… Your D-bag name is…TIPPMANPHREAK… I still dont get it

lmao hahahah thats awesome

Because your expecting it to say something different, but instead it says your dbag name is your actual name. its a joke…I figured ppl would get it…:frowning:

Nope still keeps saying… “Tippmannphreak” …why does it keep doing that???

I can’t tell if your joking or being serious. HAha I give up. :rolleyes:

Trippymann, dude your funny…I’m pulling your plonker;)… (joking with ya)…

How ya doing dude?:smiley: