Thanks Matt for the hospitality and such, New building is bad donkey, nice to meet the guys and see you again. BUT I got to get one of those P.A.'s

Nice meeting you to man! Glad to see you and your dad are both as into it as we are!

Yo whats up with PAs? any spoilers?!? i wanna know

I don"t know what you are talking about.

Ya, It has turned into a way of life from a hobby.

yea i saw the new building (train horn heaven) when i visited a few weeks ago and it was awesome! i think the PA u guys are talking about was the one acrorigo showed me in HB truck

Negative, It is a different one, (requires top secret clearence)

well when they hell are they goin to be ready to be sold? Matt?!?!

As soon as some bugs are worked out, and figure out how to break one.

i could be a test user matt…

after all he IS the Godfather lol


But I can tell you it is bad donkey.

yea u suck…lol

Ha ha, Guess you gotta go stop by hornblasters then.

uh yea…cuz im only right down the road…lol

roadtrip lol

lol…yea if i can get one for free…i would def. come down

Well When and IF it goes through it will be very affordable.

Pics of the new bldg? I wanna see what it looks like :D:D:D

the guys are awesome out there, i need to get out there and hang out a bit its been a while!