Zombies are here!


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that is insanely CRAZY!!

I heard about this on the news that guy is a nut case.

A by product of too many Zombie movies and drugs

so i heard today that the guy who attacked the other man was on a drug called “bath salts.” i have heard a little about this stuff and how much it can mess you up, but i have never head of someone getting high off any drug which causes them to eat someones face off.


That’s what you call a “cover up”

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YIKES!!..Time to stock up on ammo…

Just bought 200 more rounds

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I saw an article last week about a woman having sex with herself (can’t they say masturbating?) along side another highway in Florida. Does this mean there’s now more crazy people in Florida than in California?

^ buying ammo is the wrong way to go about this, These things run out; for instance gas/fuel right off the top of my head. You have to use things that are infinite- axxes/ bats whatever. Dont get me wrong, ammo is nice to have, but when you run out, you will need something more substantial.

Serious question tho, Can zombies swim?

In half-life 2 they can… (swim). It’s in the Route Canals chapter
If I remember right they just stay at the surface.

The question is if zombies retain the instincts of breathing and treading in water and do they still need oxygen? I think so. They eat flesh, breath and poop.


I have plenty of close combat weapons…and other things for survival…just wonder if there fast or slow zombies…lol

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In Half-life 2 there are both, depends on if the head humper on the zombie is poisonous and hyperactive or not…

Just remember cardio and double taps. And screw the twinkies

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And don’t Forget to wear your seatbelt! :slight_smile:

wunderwaffe dg-2… It shoots electricity… need i say more…:wink: