09 sierra Z71 K5lar24 tool box build.

Got the horns in today and they look great other than being dirty as all get out and dirty inside!

As you can see they were DIRTY inside and out.

The seals and diaphragms look pretty good i guess other than being dirty. here they are before a bath. no bends or groves cut in them just dirty. please inform me if you see something that needs to be replaced

Here they are after a good bath and S.O.S. scrubbing, there are marks on them but you cannot feel them with your finger, and there are no groves worn into them. The opposite side of each one is perfect, should i flip them when i re-install them?

I also broke a damn bolt off in the manifold, It was already cross threaded so it kind-of was not my fault, I am going to take it to the local machine shop Friday, as i do not want to F it up.

I will post pictures in the next few days of the truck and Compressor and tank setup when i get it in from hornblasters, gonna give them a call tomorrow or friday. I been putting my list together.

gonna strip them this weekend and start the painting process.
Does anyone know the rubber O-ring size in the bottom of the horn, and If anyone sees something i should address with the horns please inform me. Especially the diaphragms

Sweet. I bet you’re dying to hear it.
That bolt should be no problem for a machine shop. Maybe they’ll put an insert in it.

It really doesn’t look that dirty. It could have been much worse…

they look good man… i cant wait to see em painted… got me wanting to repaint mine now…
your gonna love the first time u test them out! haha i remember when i bought my k5la it took me 2 years before i put it on and tested it… but was well worth the wait!

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already order 5 o-rings from micro precision or whatever they are called, hoping the machine shop does not rape me on the bolt. i actually brought them out back to my shop and hit them with my baby compressor, only 125 psi coming out of 1/4 tip was all i had available. it only had enough to make the center horn sound, when i get the 12 gallon tank and all though “business is going to pick up in shaky town” Thanks for the input and i feel better about them already.

Ha ha I did the same thing when I got mine. Just shoved a nozzle tip in the manifold from my shop compressor. The poor things just sounded wounded…lol You can blow one at a time by pressing a nozzle around the orifice.

You could have gotten the o-rings a lot cheaper & quicker in town, but at least you know they’re right.

yeah i figured i could have but for some reason i am a stickler for the OEM parts. call me full blown “RETARD”

also, i feel like these horns are an aluminum cast, do yall think a hvac coil cleaner may be to abbrasive to clean with. I know it will clean the fire out of aluminum wheels, and the aluminum differentials on my four wheelers. or should i just use some eagle one aluminum cleaner that’s not as stout. I want them super white and clean for the paint job.

just put my order in for EVERTHING from hornblasters, went with the 12 gallon at 200psi, even got the air zenith digital gauge for the cab, going with the SMC valve kit for now, gonna save up for the graham white valve. So all in all i have 1300 in my whole kit with the bigger tank and compressors. gonna start the painting process tomorrow!!! Pics coming up tomorrow of the progress, also already got the manifold in the machine shop. looks like 30 bucks will get her fixed:)

sweet man! good deal!! cant wait for pics and ur reaction when u sound off…haha

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stopped by autozone and got the same color paint for my truck, matched it from the glove box. hope to clean them tomorrow and have some primer and paint on if its not to cold.

Oh thats cool color matched paint. I like to do crazy colors with mine since they are not visible. Great set of horns you got too they look much better than i expected form your original description.

thanks i will post some pictures tomorrow of my progress.

Hopefully you bought self-etching primer.
Looking forward to some pics.

Yes it is self etching ear to ear. I made sure of it

here is the progress i have so far, i will post more pictures this afternoon, I am sure i will get some “what a Redneck” comments out of my paint booth, lol, Its 30 degrees here and i had to have some heat for the paint. and this is not the truck its going in, its my work truck! Also my Great Dane and American bulldog are pissed
because i have stolen their dog house heater lol

Here they are before three acid baths.

here is one to getting bubbly

comparison of clean one

all taped up

primed 3 coats self etching

4 coats of same color red as my truck!!!

45 minutes in the hot box before i go tape them up for the black, i also painted a little more of the lip, as i am going to tape them a little further back than most do!!

Got a question, does anyone know the exact height of the k5la on the manifold, micro precision says 10 and horn blasters says 9 1/4 I need a true perfect height as i may not be able to put it under my tool box damn it.

Here you go!

thanks for that, i may have to mount it under the truck now dang it, gonna get the manifold back and see how bad it is first.

a little up date, getting some clear coat baked on, Also how tight are the back plate bolts supposed to be, mine was not tight at all.