1st ticket

i got my first ticket for my horns friday night , the cop could figure out were they were coming from until my last pass by , the donkey thought they were kewl but still gave me a ticket:mad:

that sux, how much was it for or is there a court hearing u have to go to? btw welcome to the site, make a intro to let us know what kinda setup u got and where your from.

welcome to the forum…
what did it say on the ticket? and how much?
and ya what set up do u have? post some pics!

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Down with HornBlasters!? Are you a enthusiast or a collector??

The guy is prolly one of those old bastards from the other forum…lol

Wow whats up with all these haters?.. Don’t they know this is the HORNBLASTERS forum? …as in we are the ones that actually blast our horns for fun. Get a life and I can say that I hope no one on here or anywhere else gets shot at. Thats an awful thing to wish on someone

How much did they write the ticket for?

why do u have a downsized liberty bell in the front of your car?

Thats not a downsized liberty bell, thats an emd locomotive bell with a 257 clapper, the bell has a 17" diameter. Only true horn collectors know about this, and what would you know about horns, i see that “twist” you only have 2 s4 kits thats it, a true horn either is made by nathan airchime or leslie/prime

I was only being a douche because he was being a douche back to us. And I may not have the income to buy a “real” horn. Im only 19 and am still in college making minimum wadge. Maybe in a couple years when Im out of school I can have a cool setup like you…lol

ya know i’m tired of seeing this crap about “only true horn collectors” and and telling people to get a real horn… ya know not all people have room to put a REAL horn on their cars and and yeah i’ll give you my opinion putting a bell on a vehicle is stupid… and yes i had a set of leslie rs-5t’s and to tell you the truth my 2 sets of s4s are prolly louder than a leslie or nathan and take up less room so why would i want one? I though u used to support hornblasters? now your ragging on customers of theirs and talking poop about their products? no noone needs an oasis compressor to run a horn or 30 gallons of air. yeah let me take out my back seat of a honda to put a 30 gallon air tank in.

as i remember jeremy you to also started out with a s4 horn set and a chrome 3 chime. so why didnt you get a “real horn” to begin with? prolly the same reason every one else didnt. they were new. and dont care to throw out the cash for a $1000 horn.

so kill the crap if you like those old donkey fucks over there that trash on hornblasters why not join them? a horn is a horn. get over it!

Excuse me, Oasis was never brought up in this thread, prior to you, and your statement could be taken the wrong way. You may not need our compressor but it gives you the possibility to do a lot of other things, as well, with out waiting. I haven’t dissed any of the other manufacturers as we all have our market base.

Those who want the best and can afford it have the right to get anything they want and wouldn’t need a 30 gallon tank with our compressor. Hornblaster is an Oasis distributor and all you are doing is hurting their sales. Oasis has never taken sides in your battle with hornwhistlebaord.com and the dissing we get here because of our price is getting out of hand…:mad:

I think the pricing is very reasonable for the quality and speed of the compressors. As with everything in the world, you get what you pay for.

And this isn’t true. Westinghouse aka Wabco made and still makes “true horns”. Oh, and Leslie and Prime are two completely different companies. The only reason Prime Manufacturing was able to mimic Leslie’s design was because of patent problems.

No dan not on this thread. It was about someone on the other forum who had like duel oasis compressors and one or two 30 gallon tanks… thats what we are talking about. I agree with hondaguy, If i was running that much air… not for horns bc who needs that much air for horns… but for something that ran through a ton of air such as an airbag suspension, then I would probably run oasis. Most of us dont need them because we are only running a couple gallons. no disrespect to Oasis and thanks version.

Twist, Keep an eye on ebay, I got my P3’s for 350 and they are grahm white rebulds with an amtrac certification.

Also, my Omega’s have more money in them than some “real” train horns.

Thanks man… I actually met a guy that works for a train company and he said he could get me some. Hopefully that works out and he isnt full of poop lol

Thanks, that helps!

This rant fest with hornwhistleboard sure has stirred up a hornets nest. BTW, that thread has been locked over there.

Yea I saw that. people need to chill

Sorry dan that was in no way directed towards you. it was directed towards hornblasters_tx’s post where he called most everyone on this board with out a nathan/leslie horn “so called blasters” bragging about his “hard core equipment” I know they are great compressors and your trying to promote your product and i know i’ve been a little hard on ya. dont take it personal all i was trying to get across on that post was is that the average person who wants a loud horn setup on their vehicle prolly cant afford that and for their choice of getting the s4 horns they are “so called blasters”