4-12s and a Trainhorn

09 GMC Sierra Ext Cab

Truck is brand new last fall, so my stereo & trainhorn are going in at the same time.

So far the box is built. Amps are mounted. Wiring is done in & around the box.

Back seat completely removed. Flat platform built for box to sit on. Stupid hump…lol

Test fit of box on platform before ‘side feet’ were added to platform.
4 - Rockford T1 12’s downfiring into platform - sealed for SQ.

Amps mounted. Testing wire routing. Rockford T2500-1bd and T1000-4

Back of box. Testing wire routing. Cubby hole built in for Kinetik 1800.

Lots of ‘window’ bracing. Double baffle.
Resinned & taped inside before attaching the back.
2 aluminum square tubes go straight through the box for a wire chase.

Resinned & taped the back through the woofer holes.
Painted where you will be able to see in the ‘vent’. 8ga speaker wire.

I need to tear out the interior for a major sound deadening project so I’m waiting on the weather.
All wiring for stereo & trainhorn will be ran while the interior is out.

Lots to do yet and the trainhorn depends on the stereo being installed. So this will be a long process…

looks like a great set up!!! post pics and videos when done!

I want to see a hairtrick… lol

Thanks - I definitely will.

So do I…lol
It’s probably not at that level though.

vary nice ear2ear
sir i think rockford
fosgate has a vary
nice sound and
sences you got
that K5LA oh boy
youll rolling with
the boomboom and
the honk honk lol.

Yeah, boomboom and the honkhonk…lol

So this is sealed? It looked almost like a horn firing setup…

Yep 100% sealed. 1.15 cubes each after all bracing & displacements.
They fire straight down at the platform. Only the front is open which looks like a vent.
I have heard this called loading the woofer with an intimate barrier.

Here’s a wider angle of the bottom before painting. You can see that the back, sides, and middle divider extend below the baffle.

You must be thinking of one of those folded horns where the whole thing is a vent…

yea thats kind of what it looked like, except on a smaller scale. It looks good though, nice job

This is where the horn & stereo installs come together.
There is a lot of ‘crap’ to mount up front relating to both installs.

1 - Digital Pressure Gauge
2 – Bass knobs
1 – Voltmeter takes reading @ second alternator
1 – Voltmeter takes reading @ rear battery
1 – Momentary button for K5 (the biggest red one)
1 – Momentary button for Psychoblasters (the middle sized red one)
1 – Momentary button for parking brake video override (the smallest black one)
1 – Rocker switch for bass amp
1 – Rocker switch for master compressor shutoff
1 – Rocker switch for steering wheel button - stock horn vs. K5
1 – USB receptacle

So - the psychoblasters get their own momentary button, but I’m unsure if I should also hook them to the Stock horn side of the rocker or the Trainhorn side of the rocker or both…lol There are so many ways I could wire this – I just don’t know how I’m going to end up using them.

Anyway, my interior is black leather with some brushed aluminum and some wood grain.
So the plan is to make a fiberglass pod – wrap it in black leather/vinyl – and make a brushed aluminum face for it.

It’s a little overwhelming so wish me luck…

:eek:wowzers thats
a lot of stuff hope
it all works out for
you sir.

Thanks thunder-
I think I’ll start with a cardboard template.

not a prob ear sir
i tell you what i
got me sum boom
boom in my truck
i got what i like to
call my twins two
sony xplod 10" 1100watt subs
powerd by a old school boss amp
i got them in single
seald type boxs its
nothen fancy lol
but it plays my tunes real good evin
with my xplod cd

:smiley: oh and good
news i got my
digital air gauge
“white face” vershion and HornBlasters stickers to day.
:smiley: just got to wate
for my air kit soon.

That’s cool - you gotta have full sound right? subs/amps/trainhorns/LOL
I had 2 Orion 10’s in a reg cab truck for about 5 years.
It was ok, you’re probably running more power though.

I decided with this new truck that I was going to get stupid with it. $$$
I just want super crisp - loud music. And a really clean install.
So far so good.

thanks achuly
the sistem is got
sum of my frends
call a pore mans
sistem lol it what
i cude aford at the
time the subs are
1100watt peak power thare only 300watt rated and
my amp is only 800watt max
but it dos good
the xplod cd player
is nice its got the
basic goodys a ipod
dock hook up and
control a 3band EQ
and sub out its good
not fancy but good
and i got two highs
and lows xplods 2

funny i like to call
my sistem a peace
to gather sistem
the highs and lows
came from a complet car stereo
pack with free hat lol sadly i fryd the
cd player wile trying
to hook it up so i
bout the one i got
now but only one
thing missing my
bass i am a bass boy
so latter i bout the
subs and boxs and got the boss amp
thrue a trade with
my bother in law
after i fixd his setup
got sum cool 90s
bass cds from a frend at work who
usd to be in the
stereo gige now is
a dad lol so all in
all yes i got a cool
stereo and train
horn i am happy lol.
:smiley: peace

It’s always fun to pull out those old CDs when you change your system.

oh ya buy the way
the sistem you
got is what i plan
on upgrading to
down the road and
thos old cds the only plase you can
find them eany more is ebay if your
lucky yup i got eavery thing to bass
lo+slo the first
underground bass
masters and much
more plus the one
bass cd i got is bass
mekanik this cd is
esinchol stereo software thats tunes
your sistem.

very nice i have the kinetiks 2400 and its a life saver