-= 495c Now In Stock!!! =-

Please note!

HornBlasters.com currently has ViAir 495c in stock!!!

Order them NOW!!!

Cool - I just sent you your first sale… he should have placed his order by phone…

I talked to him. He is building a minitruck and sounds very excited about ordering. He will be very satisfied.

that a peice or duals?

That’s each… These are the newest, biggest, baddest, highest duty cycle, oil-less 12-volt compressors on the planet…

Do I sound excited?

That’s because I am… these have been in development for a LONG time!

post up the specs on them

You ask, you receive:

Bye bye Photobucket account…

very cool

dayummmm 20 lbs. what a beast! and the fill times are awesome, beats my 15 mins for a 5 gal lol


Click add to cart :smiley:

awesome compressor! love the specs…but cant find myself to pay 780 for dual compressors…which is too close to a EDC kit

says outta stock on website…lol

list price 599.99?? jesus!

You can order them if you click add to cart!!!

i know…but still says outta stock…lol…just confusing to someone whos not on the forum and goes there to order them and sees out of stock

I’m workin on it! LOL geeEEEeeeeSSSS !!! Balls are busted! LOL

while ur at it, put my truck up on the install page too! lol

X2 lol

I saw the 495c over at the warehouse yesterday, and my god, the thing is huge…literally about twice the visual size and weight of a 480c. 8ga wiring…talk about compressor braggin rights:cool:

thats gotta be a bad mama jammma

I want the dual 490c setup