495C vs. Dual 400C

Which would you rather buy for your horns, and why? (150psi setup with a 5 gallon tank)

0 to 145psi = 4 min 12 sec
110 to 145psi = 1 min 15 sec
100% duty cycle
35 amp draw

Dual 400C
0 to 145psi = 2 min 20 sec
110 to 145psi = 45 sec
33% duty cycle
51 amp draw

You’re missing the whole point of a 495C… this comparison is skewed towards fill rate only.

The 495C is 100% Duty Cycle AT 175 PSI !

If its 100% at 175, then its also 100% Duty at 150 PSI.
The 400C is 33% Duty Cycle at 150 PSI.

dual 495c haha

I’m not missing the point, I know the 495C is 100% duty cycle at 175. If you want/need the 100% duty cycle, then say that’s why you want the 495C.

Personally, I don’t need to run an air tool while driving, and I’m not some mad man honking my horns every 5 seconds. :slight_smile:

Keep the replies coming!!!

I thought all you guys blew your horns every 5 seconds…lol:rolleyes:

ithink ill just go with a xd3000… lol

How does dual 480C’s compare to dual 400C’s or a 495C? I don’t understand the hierarchy at all. Viair does not make it very clear, at least not to me.

The 480c compressor is a “fast fill” compressor for 200psi, however, it is still not as fast as the 400c compressor. The only thing it has over the 400c is the ability to push higher pressure.

i say if u blow ur horns alot then get the 490… but if not so much, then the dual 480c would be better

Well, it looks like this thread got cut off and moved to another thread, but maybe this will help some of you decide which to choose(495C or dual 400C).

Based on Lance’s specs from his Viair catalog, 33% duty cycle means 15min continuous on, then 30min off.

If I honk my horn at 145psi and hold it until the pressure in my 5 gal tank gets down to 110psi, it takes about 4 seconds. If I’m a maniac and want to honk my horn every time the tank fills back up to 145psi over and over and over until my compressor quits, here’s the comparison below.

Dual 400C, 5 gal tank, 33% duty cycle
Horn can be honked 21 times as described above until the compressor meets its duty cycle.

495C, 5 gal tank, 100% duty cycle
Horn can be honked 11 times as described above in the same amout of time(due to the slower fill rate of the 495C vs. the dual 400C).

So if I have 15 mintues to kill and all I wanna do is honk my horn as much as possible, I’d have to go with the Dual 400C which gives me 10 extra honks!

Right??? So, not to take anything away from the new 495C, but for horn-honking purposes, I think the Dual 400C is the better and less expensive choice!