another ticket :(

i just got another ticket 129.00 lol… ill take it to court tomorrow :slight_smile: hopefully i won’t pay it Miami police sucks!

fight the powa FE09!!!

Haha. I feel lucky, I have yet to get a ticket.

i thoguht they were all ur friends and didnt care?

yea i thought that too…lol… the cop was right beside me in a undercover dodge magnum when i honk and i think i scare the **** outta of him thats why he was so angry at me lol anyways i am taking this to court

why? u were in the wrong… ur just gonna get charged with court fees plus ticket…even worse ask you to tkae them off

Yeah I’m confused as to why you’re fighting it too… You were obviously guilty or you wouldn’t have said so in the first post lol. That’s why I don’t honk in town lol

Sometimes you gotta pay to play. Save the courts time and your money. Pay up.

i got another train horn ticket last june i took it to court and the officer didn’t show up so i didn’t pay the ticket and i didn’t pay any court fees :slight_smile: i gonna try anyways i got time

if you gotta take off the horns and hide em… i will store them for you… under my truck :wink:


but ya good luck gettn out of the ticket

i have yet to get a ticket…hopefully they don’t make me take the horns off if i do ever get one (here in cali)


they can’t make you take the horns off your car bro they car give you tickets and more tickets… and thats it, anyways that tickets is a non moving violation so is not that bad

yes they can…its just like tint.or nut sacks make u do a regulations test or some thing

They can make you remove the nut sacks? I see those all the time here in Nashville.:stuck_out_tongue:

miami cops despise train horns to the max.

lol nut sacks… I thought they were called truck nuts

nut sacks truck nuts…whatever u wanna call em…in florida they are now illegal… how gay

even in california? cuz thats what im wondering. i’ve tried to look for laws on honking/horns here but haven’t had much luck.
has anyone on the forum ever had to take them off? seems like jelle was hinting towards that he might have to with the cops onto him lately… or i dunno.

I’m pretty sure they’re illegal here.

yes they are illegal but can the cop tell you to take them off?? i don’t think so who r they to tell you what to do with your horns? they can give tickets and tickets but thats it