anyone get a ticket for horns

what did they do / how much was it

just wondering
ive been careful with my k3la and have not gotten one yet

do a search. there are numerous threads abt tickets. it depends on where u live, how much of a Richard the cop is, and a number of other factors. just continue to be careful and dont honk around cops. also if u blow ur horns its usually a good idea to leave. lol

i live in miami fl and once this cop stop me and he just laugh and told me to take the horns off the car that they were illegal but he didn’t give a ticket i think it all depends on the cop. ( a friend of mine got a ticket cuz he honk beside this cop on a motocycle and he didn’t saw him lol it was 80 something )

just got two from a richard of a cop for 141 a piece!!:mad: :mad:

i would fight any horn ticket…

what u mean 141 a piece???

two tickets… 141.00 a piece… a total of 282.00 in tickets

haha deam brooo thats what i call bad luck!

lol not for train horns but I got a noise ordinance for bass. $206 lol

2 tickets in one stop… improper use of horn, and excessively loud horn

I havent gotton a ticket for horns (not in yet) but for my system at like $150 a few years ago.


brooooooooo!!! whats wrong where u live lol!!! i think here in miami the police is to busy to stop u cuz of the bass or the horns or hid lol

My friend has gotten 1 so far 124.00 for improper horn use and has been threatened with a 500.00 ticket if he didnt remove the horn from his car within the limits of Thurston county

LOL ive had a 100 ticket for my old system in my camry

i know all the cops in my town and they all know i have a loud horn and they all love it :slight_smile:

Is 113,000 miles alot for a Ford? lol just wondering.

yes. even though i am a Ford fan, most Fords are unreliable past 150,000 miles. some will probably disagree with me but wutever. lol

My explorer has 13000 miles is a 2007

I think that depends on which model of Ford you get. I have many customers with F-series trucks because they last a long time!

yea. that makes sense to me but it also depends though. the ford trucks defintly last longer than most other fords. and then it also depends if the owner rips on the vehicle example: mustangs.:frowning: i hate that.