Anyone with a 04-09 F150?

If you have any install pics, Please post! Having some trouble on where to mount everything. Need some ideas, thanks

I installed mine in front of my radiator… Pics aren’t up yet tho

what did you bolt to?

ZIP TIESSS!!! i have an xterra and that what i did …heavy duty zip ties

if you remove to plastic trim piece there is a metal strip about all of the supports… Thats where I bolted it to

but with your horns, don’t you have 2 mounting locations? Sorry for all of the questions, I just want to get this right. where did u end up putting your tank and compressor?

No, I just cut those bolts off on the bottom of the horns. I put the tank and compressor under the passenger side on the frame rail and the solenoid under the front bumper

I actually have a tool box in mine, I do a lot of off-roading in my f150 and dont want a rock or stump to get kicked up and damage my tank or compressor. Do you have your solenoid wired into your stock horn wire? I was thinking of doing that

tank and compresssor in tool box and horns in the grill you’ll be golden, toggle switch is my preference to go back and forth from stock horn to train horn

I off road a lot in mine as well… Here I finally got some pics up of the horns…

I was just to lazy to take pictures of it before I put the black shroud back on…

very clean

I have an 04 f150 and i mounted the tank and compressor on the passenger frame rail. It looks like a perfect area to put it but what a mistake, when ever it rains snows anything the compressor and all the electrical get soaked.

If i were you i would mount it where the spare tire is, as soon as it warms up here im going to relocate them there. IMO i think the setup should be there i dunno if you wanna sacrafice the tire but its no prob for me cause my trucks lifted.

sorry if this is long just tryin to guide you in the right direction so you dont make the mistake i made.

That is exactly where i put my tank and compressor. I put the compressor near the rear tire and the tank is towards the front tire… The tank wont rust on the outside so the front tire can fling water on it with no problem. The rear tire barely flings debris onto the compressor

Ohh my bad I put my compressor on the frame rail under the passenger mirror and the tank right behind it than the horns. Sorry I thought u had my setup and you gotta see what my tires do to the setup, when it snows both tank and comp are covered.that’s why I’m tellin him not to put them there

[QUOTE=stuntgod;13941]That is exactly where i put my tank and compressor…

lol, well if anyone has some tires that fling some poop around it would be mine…

Damn those are niceee… just needed bigget tires…the rims are sick

what kind of rims are those? out where i live i can name 4 trucks that have those rims

ehh, i may go 35 inch when these go bald… Right now they are 33’s. They are moto metal 951… Bet they don’t have my size tho… 20x10 with a -18 offset so they stick out the side of my truck

no way u can stuff thirty fives without a body lift or something. everyone around here has the black moto 951s.they look prett good i have the chrome 951swith a -17mm backspace and nitto mgs suck. i am running 37s right now (they actually measure our to 38s) and they are wearing fast. im never running mgs again. too damn soft

forget that… if you wanna sling mud get swampers… tsl’s or boggers ftw!