Yea my battery is junk, im sick of it, dips to 9 when i got stereo cranked up, what battery do you recommend? I was looking at the sears platnium for like 214 but alot of people had the side posts break off leaving them stranded…so idk what to do i def need something better before i get everything rewired.


Optima! Not sure which color though. I think yellow would fit your needs. I love my red top.

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It could be the alternator, too.

If the voltage dips that much it sounds like the regulator is dying on you, and since those are built into the alternator you’ll need to replace it.

I’d skip the Sears Platinum and Optima’s and look at the Group 31 batteries. They are industrial grade and slightly larger than Group 65, which is what you should have in your truck to begin with.


Looks like it’s holding 13volts towards the end even with the stereo & the truck idling…?

Might as well do the Big 3 while you’re in there replacing stuff.

I use Kinetiks.

I was acceleratimg atend and my alt is only a few months old

I’m using a Stinger SPV69.

I don’t have much of a load though. Three amplifiers and a 400C. I still use the stock alt though at (I think) 65Amp. Voltage never dips below 12.7 even with the volume cranked way up and comp running whereas I drop down to 11.++V when I was using normal car batteries back then.

Yea I’m just using normal battery from auto place it was 60 bucks and that was 2 years ago so I just want to spent more and have something that I can depend on.

I haven’t really tried any other battery other than the Stinger so I can’t comment on other brands. I’ve had mine for more than a year now. Still going strong. (btw, the voltages I mentioned before was on idle, revving increases the voltage much like what happens to yours)

Yea I need something before I hook my compressors back up
that’s only a 1000 Watt rms amp doing that lol

odyssey! Hands down best battery out IMO! My truck sounds so strong when it starts with that bettery compared to my stocker!

CCA is 880 i believe!..

We use Odyssey & Deka batteries and they both take many deep cycles and keep on working great.

Avoid Optima if your vehicle has large current requirements.

Thanks guys I will check out oddessy batteries

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could you link me to what odyssey battery i should get lol

The reason we’re upgrading our batteries is because of the additional current.

Therefore I conclude: Don’t use Optima. :smiley:

That really depends on your requirements. Click on this link to their battery specs - You can also find a dealer in your area from their website.

If you have the room for a group 31, you can’t go wrong with the PC2150. If not, work your way up the list to one that will fit.

thanks sir now i just gotta find a place that sells them in my area xD

I ordered mine direct from them…

they were cheapest on the web, free shipping. I think i paid around $270 or so…

ok cool im just worried since it wont fit so i take it you got the pc1500?

Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT

Check out Deka’s, Kinetics, or RPS batteries…
All great batteries run them in customers and my ride