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I am frustrated!!! In short, I ordered a horn kit (el diablo) a couple months ago. I called them back and asked for a wiring diagram…they directed me to their web site…very lack luster diagram. They told me they were going to send me a detailed one…still have not recieved one.

Expecting one port in the pressure gauage there where two… explained to me on the phone the two ports where an input and an output. Not true…two inputs for two tanks…silly me.

I said screw it…had it wired professionally only to have the dude tell me the compressor was defective. He also suggested a better quality compressor.

I called only wanting to exchange and then give them more money for a better quality compressor…silly me!! They explained under there terms and conditions after 14 days they will not take it back. They advertise 1 year warranty, money back guarantee and tech support…bottomline: they do not back their product after 14 days…and do not really have a “tech” support department.

File a claim… I’m almost positive you could get your money back… Credit and Debit card companies will refund your money when companies aren’t honest like this…

Funny you should mention that…I just got off the phone with Bank of America. The guy on the other end of the phone got on the web site with me and we went through their tems of service line by line. He seemed to agree with me…but, I guess I’m his customer. What makes this painful is I only wanted to exchange it as I understant !@#$ happens…should have gone wtih hornblasters!!!

always should have gone with hornblasters! u learn from ur mistakes…

I only do business with Hornblasters, ZERO problems

all the way man.

Hornblasters sell train horns???..:smiley:

Now I know why u were in the “special” forces… lol

Had the same thing happen with a bunch of lyers,called them and got the run around that the compresser was wired up wrong etc.Said fark them and ordered the Virair 480c from Hornblasters coulnt be happier with it. Mine was the El diablo also.

The latest update since I have involved my credit card company…this is the e-mail sent. In summary, they wany me to call them with the info they requested…they include no phone number or point of contact.

I explained the compressor is ready to ship back to them at their request…and if they wish to speak to me…they can call me…I have no desire to “hunt” for their information. Best advice…don’t make my mistake…HORNBLASTERS all the way.


Please call us back with the dimensions of the compressor. Please also double
check the valve installed.

Our warehouse is having a hard time understand what problem you are running
into… They asked to have you verify check the valve installed, and also to
provide us with the dimensions of the compressor.

Thank you

Did they ever return any money?

Same thing I went thru they suck!! Still blowing my horns with my Viair Compressor.Horn Blasters are truely the best company to deal with!!!

I haven’t seen a dime yet…but I “think” I got the e-mail because my card company is now involved. It chaps me that I have to got to these lengths to get some sort of action. This could have been solved months ago…

Nice truck!!! I still need to get mine posted.

Chat soon


Got a few e-mails that were weeks apart. We have had tech problems sorry about the delay.That’s it!

This company flat out lied to me about my order, they didn’t mail out my package until I started making several phone calls to find out why I hadn’t recieved my horns.
Now my horns won’t arrive till Tuesday, and I’m leaving for a out of sate trip for 2 weeks on Monday, I was expecting to have the horns installed this weekend before I left for my trip.
And from what I’ve read, they only stand behind their product for 14 days, I hope they don’t ship any defective parts.
I will never do business with this company again, and I do not recomend you do either.

Welcome to the forum but maybe just a little too late or you might have known about them before ordering.

Some Guy I bumped into at a car meet was having dealings with THN, he was buying a K6 setup - needless to say a month on he is still waiting - I gave up trying to convert him to a K5 setup from Hornblasters as he was adamant he wanted K6 on his mothers peugeot 106… Say no more lol lol

I kept thinking you guys were referring to “” I realized the one I bought from “RTH.N” is completely different. lol.

The K6 is sold by “” “” is waaaaayyyyy different. lol. btw I got my K5LA from no problems. now just waiting for my other horn to arrive… :smiley:

I had RTH.N lie to me about shipping dates. I got excuses of the weather and the computer going down. Then they told me they shipped the week prior. Only to receive then two days after they were actually shipped. I never got the tracking number so I could have them held at the local FedEx office for me to pick up there and sign for them. Otherwise I would have to drive 20 miles to get to the FedEx warehouse to get them. They actually shipped FedEx Home, which delivers on Saturdays. So I did get it the next day.