Bout Effin Time

So why was everything down and why are all videos on youtube gone?

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They were hiding from the law

For what?

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Phew! Had me worried.
I have some horn conspiring to do this week…
Gonna need some input.

Damn that was a long time to be away from the site! I thought it was my computer at first… Tried another computer, still no ! I even tried it on the droid! No go! lol,I am persistant but it did no good.

haha ya i tried on my droid using tapatalk then i tried on my laptop and still no go, then i tried the hornblasters website and didnt work…finally i saw everyone was having problems when i read it on the facebook fan page lol

So WHY are all the vids gone off youtube then?..

I think the vids on youtube are set to private, not removed, so they could make them public again in the future and all the ‘likes’, view count and ‘favorited’ will still be there. I saw this when I went to
“Train Horns Scare In Jacksonville, Florida by!”
This video is private.

Ya it doesn’t make sense; Why they would do that. Can’t be because of police! Freedom of speech

Well that sucks donkey cuz you know there are others out there selling the EXACT same stuff and they aren’t being harrassed by the cops.

What a load of manure.


Hey, I think our Matt or at least someone from the HB HQ should gis a clue why the vids have officially been made private?

I don’t expect them to say anything; they probably have a lawyer telling them not to post for a while since it could be used against them in court.

What a shame when law enforcement couldn’t be spending their time doing something more helpful than going after an entrepreneur.


Is there some info on this?

Why does everybody think the law is involved?
Seems highly speculative to me…

Local law enforcement have, in the past, made it known that they might go after HB because of the products they sell.


uhh how?? theres no law against selling the horns…

Question??? Why are the Freight Train companies not being pursued by by the law then??? Do they not sound their Horns in the dead of nite on railroad crossings:confused:?

Google : Hornblasters Roddy

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omfg… this is absolutely bull… please win this case…
i read it all and i cant believe they are saying HB and Nathan are responsible…

For anyone who doesnt feel like googling it…

The jury isn’t going to like this, unless they’re a bunch of young laid back hooligans, lol.

Firstly, Good luck with this Matt.

I cant see how this case can be tried in a court of law.

Are they saying a Car should come with a “Warning notice that it could Kill?”, is the FORD motor company also liable if someone is killed by a car?

Are They saying a “Bread knife” should carry a warning?

The Person who buys the Horn is the person that should be made responsible.

When ever I discharge my Horns I make a concious decision first, and if I am confident it is safe to discharge my Horns, I do so.

I guess it would be against the law to discuss this case on a forum, but surely the plaintiff does not have a foot to stand on taking HB to court. The plaintiff should be taking the “Non Party” to court and suing him, he is the one liable for negligence & in proper use of a train horn???

This is another example of some idiot looser (Roddy) trying to take advantage of the system or loopholes in it. HB and Nathan should not be defendants in this case, only Mr Speaks.