Calling all tampa guys

ill be in tampa march 13-16 or march 14-17
lets get a meet up goin
will, cutris, farmerehsan, and whoever else
lets actually get one going this time! haha

I will be in Ky, darn. you all have fun haha

well, I’m down :cool:

Ya im down also

we can do this


I’ll try to make it up there, I could stay the night in Bradenton (My Mother lives there).

I want to see/hear some of the setups you have going.

awesome! now we need to figure out a date time and place to meet up, any ideas?

South tampa lol

Well seeing now were pretty much all in more southern side of Tampa, south. Tampa sounds like a great idea…but uhhh, where we could actually blow the horns… Next to the train yards, or meet up somewhere then drive outto a remote place haha…

maybe port tampa

isnt there always sh!t tons of cops at the port area though? That would be tight though

NOT port of tampa…but port tampa…difference there lol

haha, i dont know a good place…
dates are confirmed march 13-18
ill be in riverview staying at my aunt and uncle’s place

i live in the port,we could go to picnic island and blow away all night lol

hey brizzal where at in riverview? i used to live in summerfield right off big bend and 301 i believe it is.

i cant make it… gonna be in orlando with the fam that weekend :mad::mad:

whoahhhhhhhhhhh wahttttt curtis u gotta skip that lol

and picnic island sounds good

That sounds good to me :smiley:

Saturday the 14th is probably going to be the biggest day of St. Patrick’s day celebrations. Not sure how that will affect anyone’s plans, but cops and drunks will surely be out on the road.

Maybe a good thing, maybe not. Perhaps it will grant a little pass on horns, as cops will be waiting for the people DWI.