compressors wont run

ok i have 4 480c compressors…

1 run perfect…
2 and 3 blow fuses, not right away after a couple min… ( i checked grounds, made sure all my wires were right, no idea… the compressor is puttin air through the leader hose…
4… runs… but is making a squeeling sound kinda… like maybe something is rubbing or something is about to break… doesnt sound right…


cant think of anything else… ive had the compressors for about 6 months and they ran fine… other then #3 leader hose was leaking… so i replaced that… now all this… let me know…

How old are these compressors? You said six months, but were they new when you got them?

Have you inspected the check valves to be sure that they are closing? If they don’t, the compressors can experience a high amperage restart, which will blow fuses.

Other things to check include the carbon brushes - but if the compressor is running, this should not be the problem.

The squeal could be from a piston seal that is ready to go, or from the bearing on the output shaft that may be nearing the end of its service life.

Either way, a teardown is in order.

IF the compressors are out of warranty and you have exhausted all other options then fisrt throw some bigger fuses in. if that doesnt work then tie some speaker wire around the fuses if they are blade style. then they will never blow. worst case scenario is your wiring will melt and cause fire and you collect insurance for you truck

That’s great advice lah33 … not…

LOL, never go beyond the recommended fuse size!

who uses fusees anyway?..

If the compressor will no longer start, first check the power wires, thermal overload protector and carbon brush assembly. Then test for continuity between the contact on the commutator.

x2 then you will have more problems than just compressors…

yes i bought the compressors new… all 4 of them from matt… im gonna order a rebuild kit i guess enless i could get one from matt for it… i bought them in july toward the end of it… so the one def needs rebuilt… from the sounds of it… and i guess we will go from there… ill check the leader hoses…

Yea It was a joke fellas. MR viair seemed pretty offended that i would be so careless with an almighty viair. lol Be nice mr viar i own four of your compressors nearly 1000 dollars worth (two of which are SPENT!)

Dan… ship me an oasis a.s.a.p.

J/K lol

lol mr viair

listen… im going with an oasis im not zashamed to admit it… i want a compressor that will work when i need it… refill fast… and not have to rip it apart or take hoses off everytime there is a prob

Let me know how you like it bro…

Me too…lol!

How was what I posted anything other than to let others know that your advice was definitely not something to place any stock in. You’d be amazed at how many residual persons cruise through forums, pick up bad advice and destroy their property. Giving poor advice, even if joking - can lead to others having problems. It just wasn’t that funny…

If you would prefer an Oasis, then that’s great. There’s more than enough room in the market for more than one type of compressor. The only problem is, with a shrinking economy - most consumers need to save money wherever they can. -Enjoy!

If you would like your compressors seen - call Matt. I’m sure they’re still under warranty…

I’m not sure what I did to rain on your parade, since I did try to post to help you out. I guess that there’s no pleasing everyone.

Enjoy your Oasis!

Alright mr viair,
I figured that when i said that the worst case is that YOUR WIRES WILL MELT AND START A FIRE it would be clearly the wrong thing to do and my suggestion wouldnt be seriously taken!! did you read that part?? also The
450c’s that i use now work fine so i dont want an oasis I clearly said i was joking. I fell like you are taking this personally and you should just relax and laugh at some of the INTENTIONALLY stupid comments made here. RELAX
and i will “ENJOY” Thanks

For the record, I’m not upset damn it! (lol)

The worst thing I could do here is to joke at the wrong time, and see someone roast their investment. I would feel way too responsible if that happened…

What’s this Mr. VIAIR stuff? I’m just Lance.

Mr. VIAIR would be Sammy… :wink:

I just think mr viair sounds cool. But from now on I shall call you Lancelot LOL and for the record, nobody ever put a larger fuse than recomended or tie speaker wire around an existing fuse (although it works great)

Knock it off you!!