Danish's '04 Honda Civic EX

Hello everyone! Long time lurker first time poster. I got my kit back at the end of December and had it installed shortly after. I have been doing little detail work here and there since then and I finally got it finished up a couple weeks ago. But enough with the words it’s time for some pics!!

'08 Kicker 10" L7 Wired at 2 ohm powered by '08 Kicker zx750.1 with Tsunami 5 farad cap.

'08 Kicker ZX650.4 pushing 2 sets of RS65.2 (6.5" components) with Tsunami 2 farad cap

During install

3/4 finished

Control panel

Side view

I hope you guys like it and I’ll be getting some videos up sometime, but I’ve had so much fun with these especially scaring the crap out of my friends. :smiley:


Nice setup, looks good!

Damn thats a real nice setup. Like the audio choice also

niceee. but the air line form the mainfold to the horns are not the same size mmmm…

Thanks everyone. I pride myself on trying to get everything as perfect as possible. I spent a ton of time trying to figure out where to mount the compressor/tank and the amps and my sub so I still had a fairly useful trunk.

I bought a set of Kicker speakers a few years ago to replace the factory ones in my old Taurus and have been hooked ever since.

I know the airline should be all the same length but I haven’t had any problems with how it’s set up. There is no noticeable delay in the horns sounding because all the lines are so close together.



nice honking setup…i like the control setup the most…

welcome! nice setup! the ooga horn sets it off! lol

thats a clean donkey setup man

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

I really like the ooga horn to get peoples attention then blast them with the s4’s. lol

Here are some more pics with my new wheels that I got put on last week. Let me know what you think about them.

clean setup!

defintily makes it btter


I’m in the process right now of updating and installing some new stuff.

New P.A. system installed. I’m waiting to connect up the power wire and she is good to go.

Upgraded my tank from 2 gallon ViAir to a ~5 gallon tank that I made myself. I tried to get some pics as I was building it but didn’t remember to but I did snag a few. All materials used are 304 Stainless.

Before fittings were added and a comparison of before and after buffing.

After it was completed I did a Hydrostatic pressure test. Took it up to 240psi and didn’t have a single leak. My welds held. :smiley:

Comparison of my new tank compared to the ViAir 2 gallon with the compressor mounted to it.


Upgraded the size of the tank so why not upgrade the valve too. S4 upgrade kit with 1/2 valve and ptc fittings. This makes a HUGE difference in sound. I thought that the horns were loud before but I was wrong.

I’m also in the process of making a new control panel with the Air Zenith digital gauge. Here are some teaser pics of the new panel.

During lay-out. The holes are punched for the switches and getting ready to cut the hole for the new gauge. Excess pieces need cut off and then side panels bent.

Gauge hole cut and sides bent. All nice and shiny now minus the smudge marks from my fingers. lol

I’m also changing all the horns to run off the stock steering wheel horn button. I have to get all the relays hooked up and the wiring done. Once I finish that I’ll get some pics up. Let me know what you guys think. I would especially like your thoughts on the tank I built.


nice welding! one of a kind tank for sure

im also impressed with how clean that shop is.
mine is a pit. more impressive than your tank lol

Whoa!! now thats a TANK!!! Nice one mate, very sweet, very neat!! :smiley:

Dman thats a lot of work. nice and clean tho!

damn man that tank set up looks bad A$$

your install should be up on the hb.site’s install page, looks awesome

oh and i hope you’re right about the 1/2valve upgrade, that should be delivered at my house today. can’t wait to test it out

wow thats nice bud

Freakin SICK TANK!

dude thats a kickass tank! props!