Detroit MI

Clinton Twp.
whats up?!??!
any other locals?

Hey man im not from Michigan but i live in Toledo Ohio about an hour away from DET. Youre a wings fan i hope?:smiley: Im a huge wings fan man.

Hey dude, I’m between Lansing and Detroit and scaring the poop out of people with my conductor specials for a while…Rock on!!!

were you at the dream cruise???

Sean you go to many wings games?

nope. lol im broke

Heh so far Ive been to two games but this year im gonna try and get to more. Have you ever been to one lol? I hope so man if I lived in DET Id be going to a honk load of games.

yeah im not that into sports

Lame :(.

Im from Gibraltar but work down in Toledo and Monroe.
I’ve been to some wings games. One of the last time i went to a game, i was in the parking garage and some guy ran after us for honking the horn at his girlfriend haha

haha… the horns echo sooo loud in a parking garage!!
btw welcome to the forum!

haha yeah it was pretty loud there and also the windsor tunnel haha they didnt like that one to much either.

oh and thank you

Michigander checking in…bout an hr south of lansing in the Hillsdale, MI area…

No, redwings games either but no laughing but im a Lions fan unfortunately but atleast of 1 of the many problems are gone(millen) and now just waiting on FORD to get out and get some real people in there.

Atleast we might set a record for 0-16, lol…gotta start somewhere, haha! AND atleast get some good drafts outta Williams goin to Dallas and the sucky season but all in time

if they do end up going 0-16 then they cant get any worse… lol they can only get better

haha that is right! next year can only get better. i know so many people that have tickets to the thanksgiving game and arent even gonna go cause they dont want to watch them lose. i dont mind it haha i like going to the games.

well if you know them people personally let me know as i may be interested in tickets if the old lady wants to go! Im sure she will but with it being Thanksgiving she may want to spend the time with Fam but let me know or PM me #'s or emails so i can ask them but we’ll see!

We almost went to this weekend against Tampa Bay but couldnt find another couple 2 go and could have had 4 tickets in the Family Fun Area or whatever its called for about 60 or 70 shipped and worried about them being here on time so we passed on them

i’ll see what i can do for you. if they didnt already give them away ill get some for you.

kool, appreciate it! Just let me know

yup, the old lady is game to go so let me know what you do find out!