Deutsche Anbieter?

Hallo, hatte eigentlich interesse an einem Kit von Hornblasters, aber als ich die Versandkosten von 200$ sah musste ich erstmal schlucken ^^

Gibts nen Anbieter in Deutschland? Würde mich mal interessieren.


Ich hoffe, dass diese Online-Übersetzer arbeiten gut … Ich habe nicht gehört Einzelhändler in Deutschland. Die meisten Menschen nehmen die Hörner von einem deutschen Zug an und bilden Sie eine benutzerdefinierte Installation.
Germanhornblast Deutsch Zug hat Hörner auf seinem Auto.

mhhh ok … i will think about this, but the shipping to germany is really expensive :X

no clue wtf is being said

wäre es billiger, um es aus England geliefert?

i guess my translator is broke for this thread…lol

Hello, had actually interest in a kit of Hornblasters, but as I forwarding expenses of 200$ saw had I first times to swallow ^^ Give does ’ s nen offerers in Germany? Me times would interest.

I hope that these on-line translators work well…. I do not have belong to retailer in Germany. Most humans accept the horns of a German course and form you a user-defined installation. German-horn-blown German course has horns on its car.

would it be more cheaply, supplied around England?

lolol “most humans”

Hi guys!
To my knowledge there is no horn blaster seller in Germany!
For horns there are several providers but mostly for the rail industry and product lines. Since it is difficult to come ran as a private person.
For questions or interested in a German horn, you can write like me. 'm Happy to assist you!
Translated by google

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My horns are from customs and Ludmilla GDR Horns

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