Dolphings WON!!!!!!!

hell yeah we are going to the playoffs!!!1


pittsburgh steelers FTW… FIRST ROUND BYE!!

lol i don’t even like football but i went out to eat and there was all the car hinking and a lot of people outside screaming dolphing and with flags and poop that why i know so i came and post this here so you think i know about football lol

no no… steelers FTMFW!!

Yeah , and my jags got their azzes spanked by Baltimore pittiful :frowning:

what about the lions!!
they did good this year right??

lmao! lions worst team ever!

they have room for improvement. So does Ocho Cinco and Cincy lol

who are the lions? lol


What a way to end the season with a 4 game win streak while Denver loses 3 straight. Never thought it could happen until the Chargers spanked them big time!

Now if they can only get by Indy next week.

come on now the lions had two perfect records this season 4-0 pre season and 0-16
we were just trying to make history wait till next year. all of you will be cheering us on! hahaha

Miami did it this year so maybe Detroit can do it next year.


hey, you live in SoCal so pull for the Chargers, ok?

what a dedicated fan…:rolleyes:


I’ll trade you 10 Lions for 5 Dolphin’s…



I’m watching the colts/ chargers right now, the wife likes Manning…