dual 480 versus dual 450

im looking at getting a decent compressor setup, and im definately leaning towards Viair. i plan on running a k3l, and 150 psi max.

who out performs who? dual 450c or dual 480c, only going to 150psi? what compressor would be better off to fill up a 10-15 gal tank to this psi?

the 480c is a 200 psi compressor… if your not wanting 200 psi then theres no reason to buy a 200 psi compressor…

i know but i just want the fastest filling compressor. i dont care what its max psi is.

Air Zenith OB2 compressors…


an Oasis XD3000

i’ve heard mixed things about the zenith ones… is there anyone on the forums who’s had direct experience with them?

I will soon… I’m getting 2 of them in the next week or so…

I heard that Air Zenith was started by guys who left Viair so how different are they?

Dual 480s for up to 10 gallons. Since they’re rated to run 200, running them at 150 will extend their service life.

Of course, this is not entirely necessary. The 450Cs are great compressors and perfect for that kind of setup.

Edited my mistake… here’s the fill rates comparing the 450 and 480

Single 450c
5.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 To 105 PSI…4 Min. 20 Sec.
85 To 105 PSI…58 Sec.
0 To 145 PSI…6 Min. 40 Sec.
110 To 145 PSI…2 Min. 11 Sec.

Single 480c
5.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 To 145 PSI…6 Min. 02 Sec.
110 To 145 PSI…1 Min. 55 Sec.
0 To 200 PSI…10 Min. 08 Sec.
165 To 200 PSI…2 Min. 20 Sec.

DUAL 450c
5.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 To 145 PSI…3 Min. 10 Sec.
110 To 145 PSI…1 Min. 05 Sec.

DUAL 480c
5.0 Gallon Tank Fill Rate

0 To 200 PSI…5 Min. 02 Sec.
165 To 200 PSI…1 Min. 15 Sec.

Not guys… a single person - who was the art director used to work for VIAIR.
There is no comparison at all except that they are both 12-volt electric motors.

I hope that whoever owns these, or is getting ready to become an owner has a positive experience. In the past, the general consensus was that the units are cool-looking, but not a long-lasting compressors.

The new unit is better, but it is in no way - a VIAIR.

Always use what you pay for.

If you need 150 PSI - get Dual 450Cs
If you want 200 PSI - get Dual 480Cs

Either choice will last you a good long time. Personally, if I were you - I’d consider Dual 400Cs (less duty cycle, but a whole lot faster).

I will second that, the dual 400c pack is a great, fast filling setup… mine never stay on very long…

I’m replacing mine because I’m getting a 200psi setup, and the Air Zenith compressors are faster filling than the viair compressors… I’m getting the new OB2 compressors. I’d be happy to get the Oasis, if Dan could give me a deal on it, I just can’t pay over $1k for a compressor… hell I’m pushing it paying $600 for the 2 OB2’s…

i’ve heard those are loud as hell (the zenith’s)

the dual 400c’s are a fast filling set up. with the duty cycle being 33%, does that mean it will shut off after 33% of an hour and then will only turn back on after the next 66% of that hour? or is this something you have to be conscious of and control yourself while running the compressor?

You have to not run them that much… they will run as long as power is being supplied to them…

ah ok… but there is some sort of thermal overload function that will shut them off if it starts to overheat. wouldn’t want to push it that far though

All VIAIR compressors meant for air horns and any tank 2.5 gallons or larger already has a Thermal Overload Protector built in. You should not use it as a rev limiter, but its there in case you go into air-usage overload…

I have two 420Cs on my truck, on 5 gallons. I have NEVER overheated them in the four years they’ve been on the truck. I’ve also done nothing to them the whole time they’ve been in service except to check the air filters once a year (in wetter areas, you should check more often).

The only problem I’ve ever had with my system was with relays, but since going with an 80-amp Stinger type relay - I’ve had zero problems. They are solid as a rock, and I don’t think twice about them working the way that they should.

FYI - my truck was the guinea pig for the first three VIAIR Onboard Air Systems that were created. I am the person responsible for creating all of those, as well as all OBA Systems that have been created since. -There’s a total of 8 different OBA Systems available from VIAIR now.

So what do you have that can compete with the Air Zenith OB2’s as far as CFM movement and pressure?

I’ve looked and the 400c is the only thing that can compete, but it is still 1cfm lower than the OB2.

A single AZ costs what two VIAIR 480Cs do. Dual 480Cs are INDEED faster than a single OB2, and the 480Cs are proven to last longer.

Competition is something we will always rise to the challenge of. However, the speed of the compressor is only good if the product lasts long enough to make the expenditure worth making in the first place. VIAIRs have been running longer, and are still running - without having to purchase repair parts up front - just in case it fails.

If you spend premium money for any item, would you expect that item to last, right?

Past track records for this particular component have not been stellar. Failures far outnumber the positives that I’ve seen personally. Buy what you wish - but be sure that you get the customer service that ought to go with the products you purchase.

I don’t see anyone from any companies besides Oasis and VIAIR representing your needs here. -That ought to tell you something. I’m at work right now, and I’m here to represent VIAIR, and give you a level of service that you may not receive elsewhere.

Single OB2 Air Zenith: $389.99
Dual 480Cs - Dual Performance Value Pack: $399.95

What can you do with almost $400 extra in your pocket today because you didn’t have to buy two AZs?

FYI - I don’t know where the test data was contrived, but don’t believe everything you read… A certain postcard was sent to me today claiming 7.6 CFM for two AZ OB2s… riiiiiight… its closer to 4.4 for both @ zero PSI. -And that’s overrating it.

Before I saw this post… I decided to stick with the Dual 400c compressors I have… I was trying to think of good reasons that I should get them… but I couldn’t think of ANY reasons why I needed them… it was more of a want…

I can pay MORE bills now (My bills are already paid up, I’m just saying that I can put more money toward next months bills now.) with the money I’ve saved… I did get a couple of compressor mounts and some valves, and some K3 protectors, I did get the AZ digital gauge… and I still have $450 in my pocket… Just couldn’t justify replacing something I already had that worked…

Why spend it twice if they’re working just fine?
Most likely the best decision you could make bro.