Ear2ear’s Install – 09 Sierra – K5A+4 *pics*

This is going to take forever, but I might as well share as I go.

So far a big thanks to:
Garrett @ Hornblasters
Tommy Aker
Paul @ Air Zenith who is going above and beyond in getting me a custom tank

Basic plan is a custom 10 gallon tank and 2 AZ OB2 compressors in the front of the bed.
All horns up front behind grill/bumper or under the hood.
I started with a K5LA and bought 4 more bells for a total of 1L, 1, 2, 3A, 3, 4A, 4, 5, 5
Solenoid Valve #1 – 1L, 1, 2 - with a ball valve on the 1L
Solenoid Valve #2 – 3A, 4A, 5 - with a ball valve on the 5
Solenoid Valve #3 – 3, 4, 5 - with a ball valve on the 5

200psi in tank regulated to 150psi.
All 5/8” ID hose except to individual bells.

Well, on with the pics already…lol

I bought the horns bare bead blasted with new diaphragms & cushions. Ended up needing 3 cans of each.

Everything disassembled.

I did some smoothing with 150 grit sandpaper. The sandcast 2pc 1L required a grinder & abrasive wheel.

Finished 1L. It had a big lip around the rim of the casting.

All taped up – ready to paint.

I’ll throw some more pics up tomorrow. Feel free to ask questions or post comments.

nice progress

Can’t wait to hear them E2E. Lookin good so far.

Here are the rest of the pics I have so far.

Primed backcaps.

Primed bells.

Wooooot we got color.

Painting all done!

The truck is Carbon Black Metallic. Rustoleum Black Metallic is close enough for under the hood and behind the grill.

More pics as it happens…

Paul…THAT’S KICK*SS! I like the paint color!

I can’t wait to see the complete installation! The 2 OB2s are going to look, and work, perfect with your 8.5 gallon tank.

This is going to turn into one shweet thread. PM me when you get everything completed. In the meantime, I’ll try and be as patient as possible. :wink:

great job on the horns and I like the color too!

Thanks guys. I’m looking forward to hearing them too! Other than just messing around 1 bell at a time…lol

Thanks Garrett - I actually sold the 8.5 in favor of a loooong skinny 10 gallon. Been working with Paul @ AZ for a tank with compressor brackets to display the dual OB2s. I’ll try to remember a PM to you.

Oh…now it gets even more interesting. Completely custom setup. Very nice!

holy crap lookin good so far, cant wait to hear them all :smiley:

They look really good already. Can’t wait to see them completed.

I noticed you guys said that will work good with his 8.5 gallon tank. Is that enough for all those bells ??? Cause I like to lay into mine for a second and 5 gallons is gone like nothing. BY THE WAY I LOVE THE COLOR OF THOSE BELLS !!!

I sold the 8.5 and have 2 temporary 5 gal. Still working on getting a custom 10-12 gallon made.

My stereo install is getting close so I can move on to the horns.

finally, Finally, FINALLY got my new grille. It took 6 months to the day.
Some of the bells are going behind it so I needed it to install everything at once.

honk honk ear man
thunders back
bean a wile
love the pics
man :smiley:

Yeah I wondered if you lost your phone or something…lol

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na just bean besy
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long story.

Temporary 4th of July Install

Well this will only be installed for a week, but I couldn’t take it any more.
I wanted to blow some people up at a couple parties…

Big thanks to Paul @ Air Zenith for 2 temporary tanks!

Bells 1, 2, 3a, 4a, 5 - standard k5la
The tanks are approx 4 gallons each.
165-200 psi pressure switch is dead on.
Unfortunately no regulator yet.
5/8" I.D. air hose.

#1 question I get: “Aren’t you affraid you’re going to blow out your back window?” LMAO

Anyway, it’s getting yanked out within a day or 2 for a spray-in bedliner. Then I can install my hard tonneau cover.

you should have turned it around imo

but since you takin it out anyway doesnt matter lol

nice setup for a quick job

Thanks. I did it in about 6 hours including a run for parts. The wires were already ran out the rear of the cab though.

Yeah, the direction didn’t matter much. Damn that thing is fun.