Engineer ???

hey matt, noticed a engineer with 3 stars under my this a new designation?? :cool:

Its your future career… haha I guess it is a new design

Why does 4 stars make you a conductor? An Engineer does more than a Conductor and makes more money lawl

im studying to be a mechanical engineer. lol

well i’m a stinky queef


HAHA thats not fair. I want something cool

I’m just a plain old member

The new label and star system is ok. Do some of you dislike losing the Godfather title?

I wish we could do like on other forums I am on and change them to say whatever we’d like. Maybe I’ll mention that in the suggestions forum or somebody else can, I’m lazy.

I miss the Godfather status… now im just a conductor wtf lol fail

Yes you is…


well atleast verison’s title is correct…


hell as old as I’am the engineer works for me.I checked the NS website & the conductor positions pay about close to 50k a yr with all the hours and overtime.wish I was about 20 yrs younger,then I would consider it.any of you young single guys should consider it, the benefits and retirement is killer,the downside is you don’t have a life then for 30yrs.:cool:

Well… There was some deep meaning behind it… but mostly the godfather position moved up because some of you post waaaay too much… :wink:
It’s up a little higher in the chain now so as the forum grows you post wh*res will be godfathers again but others won’t…
So really engineer should be higher than conductor?

Yes engineer should be higher than conductor. The conductor is in charge of the train crew, paper work, inspections, etc. while the engineer actually drives the train and does paperwork too lol.

Oh and John, I would LOVE to work for any railroad, it’s actually a dream of mine (although I’m stuck in nursing school) but they lay their employees off ALOT(or all of the main lines do.) I think it would be best to get on with a short line.

i will always be the true godfather!

yeah it figures, nothings safe these days.looking back, had vietnam never come maybe I would already be retired from the railroad & lovin life.things just didn’t work out as planned.:cool:

I need to whore some more… Master of scares title is pretty bad donkey. only like a thousand more… haha

its hilarious when even Tiernan says u guys are post whores…lmao